MERKEL BOMBSHELL: Chancellor didn’t shut border because of how it would play on TV news – IOTW Report

MERKEL BOMBSHELL: Chancellor didn’t shut border because of how it would play on TV news

Express UK:  

ANGELA Merkel allowed hundreds of thousands of migrants into Germany because she was worried guards waving guns at the border might look bad, a new book has claimed.

The Chancellor had actually finalised plans to shut the border with Austria in September 2015 and was mobilising hundreds of guards when she got cold feet, according to Robin Alexander in his new book ‘Driven By Events: Merkel’s Refugee Policy’.

The high-profile political reporter claimed Mrs Merkel was concerned “for historical reasons” about how German guards acting aggressively on borders may appear to the rest of the world.

Mr Alexander said: “For historical reasons, the Chancellor feared images of armed German police confronting civilians on our borders.

“In the end, Angela Merkel refused to assume responsibility even as everything was in place to close the borders so they remained open – without an explicit decision.” 

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  1. Wiki: Merkel has been widely described as the de facto leader of the European Union throughout her tenure as Chancellor. Merkel has twice been named the world’s second most powerful person following Vladimir Putin by Forbes magazine, the highest ranking ever achieved by a woman. In December 2015, Merkel was named as Time magazine’s Person of the Year, with the magazine’s cover declaring her to be the “Chancellor of the Free World.”On 26 March 2014, Merkel became the longest-serving incumbent head of government in the European Union and she is currently the senior G7 leader. In May 2016, Merkel was named the most powerful woman in the world for a record tenth time by Forbes.[19] On 20 November 2016, Merkel announced she would seek re-election to a fourth term.[20] Since late 2016, Merkel has been widely described as the leader of the free world.

    Meerkat: She is the real leader of Germany. Is Germany taking over Europe again?

  2. 60 years after the Germans were burning Jews in ovens and “conquering the world”, they are the head of all of Europe. Great job Germans!

  3. It’s absolutely amazing how liberalism is so fucking stupid as to reign in so many fucking stupid liberals.
    It’s no wonder liberalism is considered a mental disorder.

  4. either Germans waving guns at the border or muslims waving decapitated heads. lets see, which one? hmmm

  5. 27 years ago
    Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu
    A quick ending

    Angela Merkel
    30 year circle
    ¯γ2= ¯α2+. ¯. β2

  6. And the forget she was an East German.

    They either get rid of the scrunt or they will
    be over run and disappear as a people. Glad my
    family left in the 1700’s.

  7. Good gawd. Would she be concerned with appearances if an invading foreign military approached their borders, threatening dissemination of the German people and complete rule? Same-same.

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