Merkel Delivers Flawed and Asinine Message on Free Speech

Leftists are seen nodding in agreement, like the morons they are, with this asinine statement by Merkel –

…freedom of expression has its limits.

‘Those limits begin where hatred is spread. They begin where the dignity of other people is violated.

‘This house must oppose extreme speech, otherwise our society will no longer be the free society it was.’

And in this new free society there will be people jailed by the state for speaking a truth as they see it. Expressing one’s self, contrary to ruling class thinking, will leave you no longer free.

Absolutely frightening. This is stunningly Orwellian.

Merkel is one of the most monstrous figures in modern history. She might as well spruce up the death camps for anyone that dares disagree with her failed immigration policy, the one that seeks to supplant German culture with anything else.

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  1. Germany has not been free for at least 90 years. Frau Dr. Dr – lived in Frankfort A Mein from ’67 to ’75. You could not LEGALLY see a Travolta movie because his religion was banned. Now shorty was friends wit the “leaders” of the Deutshers UNIPARTY so his movies, such as “Mission Impossible” are legal. ( America is not the only nation with 2 pretend parties, that in fact are identical in their goals and actions!)

    Frau Dr. Dr, is my sister. Her 2 kid repeatedly told me “Ich (being educated s they said Tuetonic ick not Slavic ish) bin Deutscher. I repeatedly said (on thos times I was there) :Nein, du bist American!)
    25 years ago they agreed they wer American, but not proud of America, Both voted Bush/Obama/Clinton. I still love ’em.

    but Germany has not in the lifetime of anyone here been free. Frau M lies!
    And now in words she will under stand LICH MEIN AMESH!

  2. Western Europe came close to committing suicide with WW I and II. Two generations of the best and brightest gone. The culture has never recovered. But it was always a very screwed up place anyway.

  3. She’s a monster to rival Hillary Clinton. Of course it is not just a problem in Germany.

    The ruling class in Germany and other countries, including the US, need more and more illegal aliens for taxation purposes and low skilled jobs. The governments want more taxes for their often sick programs like climate scare studies, and the businesses want more cheap labor for the standard reasons. Together, they make an unholy alliance. In Europe, the closest source for this is the Middle East. For us it is Mexico.

    The people running the show, such as Merkel, are criminals

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