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Merkel government shocked at Trump victory, calls an “emergency meeting”

LI: German Chancellor Merkel’s is drumming together her team and will be chairing an “emergency meeting” this morning following the news of Republican candidate Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. election, German state-run broadcaster ARD reports. In the run-up to the U.S. election, senior members of Merkel’s government had made no secret of their hostility towards Donald Trump’s candidacy.

In August, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier called Trump a “preacher of hate.” Merkel’s second-in-command, Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel warned American voters of impending doom if they elected Donal Trump. “[American’s could expect] shrinking GDP, fewer jobs and higher unemployment,” Gabriel told German magazine Der Spiegel.

Earlier this week, German President Joachim Gauck raised his concerned about the prospect of Trump victory, saying, “When I look at Washington, I am worried.”

German state-broadcaster DW News reported the mood in Berlin following tonight’s election results:

German politicians of all stripes lined up to express their shock at Republican Donald Trump’s win in the US presidential election.

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen put a brave face on as she offered her comments on Donald Trump’s win in the US presidential election, describing it as a “heavy shock,” before speculating on the future of NATO.

Member of the CDU’s coalition partners, the Social Democratic Party (SPD), were similarly uncertain about what the result meant.

“With Mr. Trump we really don’t know what we’re facing,” SPD foreign policy spokesman Niels Annen told the ZDF broadcaster.

Opposition politicians described the Republican victory in more drastic terms. As the results began tipping in Trump’s favor, Green party leader Cem Özdemir called the possibility of his presidency a “break with the tradition that the West stands for liberal values,” and he warned that the United States could turn its back on the rest of the world.

The only German party to welcome Trump’s victory was the anti-mass migration party Alternative for Germany (AfD):  MORE

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  1. They are worried that Trump will make them pay fair market value for their strategic defense – it will cut into their giveaway to the immigrants fund

  2. gee … the global Communist Movement has been halted for near future

    boo fuckin’ woo

    (p. s. Commie slogan: if you can’t beat ’em with ballots, beat ’em with bullets)

  3. from a once proud Teutonic race to this … this emasculation of Germany in just a few short decades deeply wounds my Deutschland heritage

    … thank God my Sicilian Mafia heritage still has it’s palle

  4. Merkel can punish Trump by accepting another million or two ‘Syrian’ refugees. That’ll show Trump that you don’t need borders!

  5. When they look at Trump they don’t know what their seeing.
    And the says it all right there! Translation:shit! Someone who speaks for their constituents not a corrupt mendacious politician like us.

  6. Misery loves company.
    Sucks to be you Merkel.
    You jumped the gun and bet on the losing team.
    Now you are stuck with them.

  7. more proof that we dodged a HUGE bullet last tuesday night. We were the worlds last defense against Christianities enemy the muslim horde and its enabler, the one world government.


  8. “With Mr. Trump we really don’t know what we’re facing”

    That’s exactly right. You are ignorant of the truth of the matter.

    You are filling in he blanks with your own paranoid hatefulness.

    You are extrapolating from a erroneous base assumption.

    The idea that the GDP will suffer is the freaking cherry on top showing either how little they know about the matter or how brainwashed they are that they think heavy Govt control is the only thing that drives an economy.

    Stepping out of the way and letting the people prosper is an unthinkable reality to them.

    They have no idea what “Let Freedom Ring!” means.

    F**k! I’m half German and I hate these c**ts.

    Can’t wait for the success of the Brits and ourselves to inspire people in the EU to throw off their shackles and dump Merkel and her ilk.

  9. She is the poster HAG for Globalist New World Order…fun to watch them have their “awww shit!!” moments. Suck it bitch. Those who would be world powers and jihadists haven’t yet figured out you may intimidate europe….even maybe north africa, but you cannot fool the entire world. It catches up with you and castrates you. Hilter found out, it doesn’t work in real world, only on paper.

  10. Wow – do they have President-Elect Trump wrong. He’s going to make their countries prosper whether the politicians like it or not.

  11. I don’t give 2 shits about Germany’s problems or how they feel. If the people don’t like Merkel and her underlings, they can rise up and take them out by themselves.

    We need to fix our own shit so we don’t become ‘them’.

  12. Hey Merkel! Just like the Chappaqunt you lined up on the wrong side of history and the world is waking up to it! Might wanna think about grabbing yer bug-out bag and leaving a message to yer Saudi banker.

    He’s not taking phone calls right now cuz he’s busy trying to find out where Trailerparkinsas is…

  13. It past time to end the $50-60 billion yearly trade deficit w/ Germany and tweak the status conscious Democrats and limousine Socialists at the same time. It’s American dollars that allow Merkle to finance the importation of millions useless Muslim mouths to feed and to rape German maidens.

    Besides, the Germans are just importing more Turks to work in their BMW and Mercedes factories. That won’t end well.

  14. She’s a worthless East German traffic warden. She’s a traitor to her nation, and has rained endless shit storms upon the once great nation of Germany. Deutchland will give a great collective sigh of relief once this deranged bitch leaves power.

    She has personally ushered in waves of filthy invading rapists who have wiped ass with the German flag, and every ripped German vagina and blackened German eye is on her hands.

    She should be nailed to a wall and have her entrails loosed to the ground, and have them lit on fire so she can smell them burning as she dies for the treason she has committed against her nation.

    She would have cheered when HRC committed the same treason to our nation.

  15. She’s scared shitless that Pres. Trump will shut down the bases and bring our people home, ending 70 years of occupation, crippling the German economy, and leaving them to the tender mercies of Russian hegemony and raghead invasion – a prospect that bodes ill for her and her socialist/Globaloney agenda.

    Shut down the bases, dynamite the buildings, and bulldoze the runways – fuck Germany.

    izlamo delenda est …

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