Merkel’s new interior minister vows to speed up migrant deportations

Horst Seehofer, Facebook screenshot


Jihad Watch:

Germany’s incoming interior minister has promised to ‘significantly’ speed up deportations of failed asylum seekers and to take a tough line against criminal migrants.

Merkel’s reckless betrayal of the German people has involved the influx of over a million Muslim migrants, mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. As a result, Germany is now tens of billions in debt, and has experienced escalating violence, growing Christian persecution, and anti-Semitic attacks. Anti-rape attire and personal alarms fly off store shelves in response to sex attacks by Muslim migrants. Now, some positive developments are happening in Germany as Angela Merkel tries to cling to power:

  • The city of Cottbus in Germany recently saw over 2000 people come out in protest against violent attacks involving migrants, and mass protests that have been spreading across the country.
  • Some German cities have flatly refused further migrant intake, although there has been no plan revealed on how to actually stop them.
  • It was also recently announced that Merkel awarded the job of health minister to the most vociferous critic of her Muslim migration policies. Jens Spahn made no secret that he does not intend to stop being “anti-Merkel” and will work toward a “rightward shift in the party” in her cabinet as health minister.

Now comes word that Merkel’s new interior minister, Horst Seehofer, intends to crack down on security threats with the goal of preserving a stronger, free state. His work is cut out for him. Seehofer vows to speed up deportations of illegal immigrants and to “’get tougher’ on those who break German law or are deemed a security threat.”  READ MORE

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  1. How about just changing the policy to stop allowing them entry in the first place. How is it keeping your citizens safe if you deport after they commit a heinous crime. And I’m sure they’ll have activist judges letting them out on bond or whatever they call it just like we have here.

  2. Just consider what it would take to straighten up this catastrophe. How many generations will it take for these savages to assimilate or moderate their Islamic faith? How many billions of Euros will be wasted on these foreign invaders before they prove that they can’t be bribed to renounce their anti-Western ways? It will prove to have been cheaper to have rebuilt Syria than to have imported all these ungrateful migrants.

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    Forgot to mention We are paying for all this.

  4. Fake News Quote, but the following link is real: “We plan to use the empty seat capacity on planes that we have been chartering to fly in refugees from Turkey to fly out some of the unwanted ‘refugees’ like Christians and Yazidis who aren’t seeming to fit harmoniously into the bulk of the muslim refugees in our processing centres.”


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