Merry Christmas Porch Pirates


Fed up with the numerous “porch pirates” regularly stealing packages from her front porch, a Colorado woman decided to pay them back—by filling packages full of garbage and letting the thieves haul it off for her.

Christine Hyatt has regularly been robbed of Amazon deliveries from her front porch, including her daughter’s diabetes medication. As a last resort, she put out boxes filled with her family’s Thanksgiving trash, which the thieves promptly stole.

“They deserve it,” Hyatt said of the crooks. She said she plans to fill more packages with kitty litter, cigarette butts, and other detritus. More

10 Comments on Merry Christmas Porch Pirates

  1. Just don’t put anything that can identify where
    it came from. If the thieves toss it out the
    car window guess who gets charged with illegal

  2. I used to put a heavy steel plate in those return envelopes that credit card companies send.
    They have to pay outrageous postage on what ever is in them.
    Don’t get many offers anymore.

  3. I remember reading about something similar. There was a garbage mans strike in NYC. People strated gift wrapping boxes of garbage and leaving them, if full view, in their car. There were plenty of thefts.

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