Merry resistmas

Yes, resistmas. It’s a thing on the left. (They even have to bastardize the day we celebrate the birth of Christ. Is nothing sacred?)

What is resistmas? It’s you’re way of tying in Trump hatred with Christmas, of course. And what better why to do it than topping your tree with… HILLARY!!??!!???


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  1. The only thing sacred to left-wing nutjobs is the perpetuation of the state and the propagation of any and all perceived protected classes – as long as it gets them votes.

    Let’s not act surprised by this ornament.

  2. Like all evil, the left can only mock what is holy and right. It is incapable of coming up with something more worthy of praise and reverence.

    It only knows envy and animosity. It hates and reviles what it know it can never be.

  3. If the damn thing wasn’t so expensive I’d buy one, snap the wings off, paint the pantsuit orange, and stencil little inmate numbers on the front.

    THEN I’d hang it on the tree.

    Happy Trollidays!


  4. So, in order for “Resistmas” to conform to the Borg-like leftist agenda, instead of giving and receiving gifts, do they have government goons go in and forcibly take your gifts and give them to “deserving” people?

  5. Typical Leftist deification of their leadership.

    The Italian fascists, German Nazis, Russian soviets, and Chinese reds all did the same.

    Not to mention North Korea.

    Why should American Leftists me Amy different?

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