Meryl Streep catching some well-deserved hell

Daily Caller: When Meryl Streep gave her anti-Donald Trump speech at the Golden Globes she singled out football and mixed martial arts as the only entertainment Americans would have left if Hollywood were cleared of foreigners and artists. The slight to sports did not go unnoticed by one former professional athlete.

Tony Siragusa, former star defensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens, did not like what he heard from the millionaire actress.

“Goose,” as he is known by fans, is currently a football commentator with Yahoo! Sports and took to his social media to call Streep “a joke!”  Read more

Juanita Broaddrick Rains Hellfire On Meryl Streep — ‘Hollywood Still Doesn’t Get It…’

[…]  “She supports the wife enabler of a rapist,” Broaddrick added in reference to Streep’s fervent support for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

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  1. Meryl Streep did do one good movie, as I recall … it was that one with some actors in it, had some dialog, and some acting-stuff …
    Can’t remember the name of it, though …

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Tim, I remember that. She had an accent or maybe she didn’t. I remember I had a large popcorn and a mellow yellow. It was really good, but for the life of me I can’t remember the movie.

  3. The first time I saw Meryl Streep act I thought she was great because she had a different style from other actresses – earnest and not coy/flirty. Then, after watching her in other performances, I saw that she plays each part the same way – earnest and not coy/flirty. Same delivery in every film.

  4. The world is so big now with all it’s subcultures and media sophistication, as Alvin Toffler partially predicted, that these nitwits, thinking somehow they REALLY are special, aren’t that significant any more. Spiders on the wall. It’s not the Big Three news channels and your two local newspapers anymore. Nope. Now everyone is a movie star and a reporter. Look at her shake up there. Old tramp. Go home and die.

  5. She was trying to encourage us to get rid of the deviant filth in Hollywood, right? Wasn’t that her goal?

    Because purging the entertainment sector of “artists” and foreigners is looking like an even better idea than it was before that miserable crone gave her America-hating speech.

    We can easily do without the socially destructive perversity spewed out of Hollywood. In fact, we would be better off without it, and without them.

  6. Note that Hollywood does not acknowledge any foreigners in dishing our awards. Also, this witch was clearly trying to act in giving her speech with the fake crying. My wife and I have stopped watching Hollywood and American crap and have turn to watching shows predominately out of Korea. The acting is much better, the writing is generally great, the actors are actually very intelligent and talented (if they are depicted playing a violin, they can actually play the instrument, something musicians here can’t even do). Sure, the material is subtitled, but that is no problem. Also, Spain and France and England have some good stuff. None of these countries are hung up on trying to project their political views and way of thinking and make you look at homosexuals and other lifestyles that you may find repugnant.

  7. You would think that a person that is supportive of an enabler of a serial rapist would be more willing to accept the diversity that a gentleman, entrepreneur, and overall good guy like what Donald Trump represents.

  8. I am a cisgendered, white, elderly, educated well beyond my intelligence, grandfather was an immigrant, not particually religious, southern male.
    Don’t like pro anyball, don’t care for NASCAR, don’t care for MMA, now I REALLY don’t care for Streep throat.
    Shut up, sit down and act, that’s what somebody is payin’ for.

  9. @Tim January 11, 2017 at 4:25 pm

    Was that the one with Michelle Obama and Amelia Earhart, and all that grrl power? (Where’s the jazz hands emoji?)

  10. Remember at the 2012 Oscars when she won “Best Actress” and took that moment during her acceptance speech and berated Barack Obama for making fun of the mentally retarded on The Tonight Show in 2009?

    Oh wait. She didn’t. I wonder why? 🤔

  11. It doesn’t matter, she lives in her bubble and will never get. She is as much in tune with everyday Americans as HRC and probably like HRC has learned to hate them too.

  12. All of Streep’s bios say she graduated from Vassar College (so did Jane Fonda), but I can’t find any mention of what she majored in. I’m guessing Drama? And one site featured “notable” alums of Vassar, pretty much all actors/entertainers. Not a doctor, scientist, or successful business tycoon in the list.

  13. Sorry, Ann. Lucifer already turned down a request to swap Barbra Streisand for Debbie Reynolds.

    This place is crawling with has-been-hags. 👿

  14. Meryl Streep WAS a fine actress, especially in Kramer vs Kramer and in The Deer Hunter. I try to ignore and separate the acting from the actor. Which is why I am able to enjoy Tom Cruse movies, and Barbara Streisand movies. Maybe in reality they’re complete nitwits, but on screen I love them. :b

    Now, disclaimers aside, her speech was so incredibly obnoxious and self righteous, that I couldn’t bare listening any more than a minute in, and ended up just reading the transcript. It WAS nice to see certain actors respond to her with disgust, like Viggo Mortensen, Denzel Washington, and Mel Gibson. That was actually pretty cool. 🙂

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