Meryl Streep Challenged To Put Up Or STFU

PJW does  magnificent job of putting all the hypocritical pieces of Meryl Streep together, but in the end it is an truly an

indictment of all of Hollywood.

Hollywood’s pal, known rapist Roman Polanski, is still supported. Until he is throughly denounced we get to say STFU whenever they open their mouths about, well, anything, really.

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  1. I gotta say, in the past, I’ve watched her perform magic in many movies. And, it’s not without a tear and a sigh that I promise, “Meryl, ole girl, I’ll never watch one of your movies ever again.”
    …..Lady in Red

  2. I would like to see PJW modify or change his presentation a little. I still like what he has to say but he is a bit irritating to me for some reason.

  3. This reminds me of that Anti Gun movie the Libtards made during the primaries. They were convinced Hillary would win and that gem of a movie would be all it would take to push the anti gun legislation full throttle. All 5 people that watched it still agree.

  4. Polanski is just a misunderstood Artist, and because he’s Brilliant in their Eyes he’s as innocent as a Child .
    Libtard’s thing they are ” Woke ” and that’s a Joke, again they aren’t Stupid they just know so much that isn’t true !!!
    They think their direction is the Future, and that you are a Relic !

  5. Meryl is really a lame weak pathetic sjw hectoring hypocrite. She is spineless and stands for nothing but herself. I care more for the rights of smallmouth bass than she does for wymyn.


    Like the Clintons, Ted Kennedy, and KKK Robert Byrd, there is nothing they can do to regain credibility.

    That is, only if you remind everyone every day about it, every time they open their months to achieve moral superiority.

  7. “I used to have a faaaaarm in Aaaaafricuuu”

    ever notice how Streeps best roles were being an easy lay for a handsome guy? … The Bridges Out Of Africa …..

    “oh Harvey, if only you were as hot a Clint”

  8. I call her Meryl Weep since that horrible movie about the divorcing parents. She is obviously a graduate of the Bob Weatherwax School of Acting. She has all the acting talent of a termite mound.

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