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Mess Universe

Well, it’s here.

Spain will be sending a dude to compete in the Miss Universe pageant.

HT/ Val


Miss Universe Spain crowned a transwoman on Friday, June 29, the first for the beauty pageant.

Angela Ponce, 25, will represent Spain in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant scheduled end of the year. Her win comes as Pride Month comes to a close.

This is not the first time Angela competed in a beauty pageant. She joined Miss World Spain in 2015 but did not win. Mireia Lalaguna, who won the contest, went on to win the Miss World title that year.

Although she lost in 2015, Angela told the Daily Mail that she already felt like a winner when she competed in Miss World Spain.

“I have the regional crown on my head,” Angela said about representing Cadiz at that time.


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  1. “I have the regional crown on my head,”….
    Which head?

  2. who couldn’t a seen this bull crap coming from a mile off ….?

  3. But won’t he/she/it’s pecker be showing in the swimsuit competition? If they keep this up San Francisco will become the permanent home of the Mess Universe Beauty pageant.

  4. Thank Christ they got rid of the swimsuit portion of this contest….

  5. I hope he wins. Wouldn’t that be special?

  6. Is this the one with no bathing suit competition? Might as well have it on the radio

  7. I’m beginning to realize why these beauty pageants are getting rid of the swimsuit portion of the contest. Yikes, that chick has a big…!

  8. ole.., ole, ole, ole!

    Me mui not interested.

  9. “Angela Ponce, 25, will represent Spain in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant …”

    Ponce. At least one part of this story sounds right.

  10. @ geoff the aardvark , Become? Where you been.joke, just joking,,

  11. I’m guessing that you won’t be live-streaming this.

  12. El tiene huevos grandes!

    La senorita? Con heivos? Que paso?

    Ella ws un hijo de perra!

    Besa me cuelo Espana!

    OK Im a 11 generation westerner; one of my lingos is Mexican. but Spanish? Vaya al inferno!

  13. I remember first hearing about tranny’s when I was in the Navy and unfortunately some guys I knew mistakenly got a Benny boy who they thought was a hot looking hooker in the Philippines. Needless to say they ditched the fraud as soon as they could even though they were drunk.

  14. Coin toss, hehehe (Peter Griffin).
    Heads Angela, Tales Mama June?
    Be honest now!
    I really need to get some sleep.

  15. The death knell of the “Miss” Universe competition. Can’t call it a beauty pageant anymore.

  16. @Anonymous – was that a reference to Morris Day and the Time? Jungle Love?
    “oh we oh we oh” just wonders,,

  17. When is Miss going to be dropped off Miss Beauty Pageant because it’s not inclusive? When is Beauty going to be dropped off Beauty Pageant because it’s not inclusive? When is Pageant going to be dropped off Pageant because it’s not an inclusive adjective?

  18. The Swimsuit competition has been replaced with the Bench Press.

    Put your money on Ms.r. Spain!

  19. If he gets a boner during the competition, we will all know he was just faking.

  20. Bman JUNE 30, 2018 AT 9:28 PM
    Thank Christ they got rid of the swimsuit portion of this contest….

    I thought it was the Miss America that did away with the swimsuit. So, if’n he/she hasn’t had some alterations it will add a whole NEW dimension to the contest.

  21. Miss Whatever is done. Just like the NFL, Boy Scouts and shame. It should just prance about with a thalidomide midget attached to his junk while twirling a neon baton.

  22. it’s sad that this it the best Spain has.

  23. Fuck it. Let’s enter Trump. He’ll sweep that contest.

  24. Miss anything is dead to me FOREVER!
    Never going to watch.

  25. I can only hope that someday (probably after I’m long gone, of course) sanity will be returned to the world. If not, at least I won’t be around to see the madness.

    I used to wonder why most old people didn’t fear Death as much as you might think they would, given the circumstances.

    Used to.


  26. Check for the adam’s apple, It’s edited om the photos, not the video.

  27. Severe mental illness used to get you locked up now it’s a badge of honor

  28. Relax. The Mohammedans will fix this for Spain.

  29. Puts me in the mood to fire up my DVD: To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar. What a hilarious flick

  30. No more swimsuits.
    New competition: who can best rock a Turtleneck!

  31. Spain thinks this is its most beautiful “woman”. Spanish beauties should be rioting in the streets.

  32. So now men are better at women’s sports AND pageants than women. And PC women can’t say anything for fear of being attacked. Talk about getting a bite on the ass from your own “allyship” (snort) virtue signaling.

    When do we start telling anexorexics they really are hefty and could stand to drop a couple pounds? We’re already being force-fed the myth that morbidly obese women are gorgeous and healthy. We can tell schizophrenics that the voices in their head make perfect sense because they come from their own brains and therefore can’t be wrong.

  33. Are the twig-and-berries still present at the Y?
    Moocho grassy ass. 🙂

  34. The wife watches this crap. I don’t, swimsuit or not.

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