Message From Black Grandma

ht/ woody

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  1. A lot of black Americans think the same way she does. They are staying silient about their conservative leanings, but will vote in large numbers for conservative candidates in November. Don’t believe the BLM Inc. hype.

  2. Well dressed, well spoken. If I had to guess I’d guess a professional woman or self employed. A good example of an American who happens to be black.

  3. Send this video to every liberal you know…and let the explosions of heads commence – better than any fourth of July display.

  4. Liberals will call her the female equivalent of an Uncle Tom.

    Liberals are worse than rats. Much worse. At least God created rats for some reason – I’m sure it was a good reason. But who created liberals? They are a perversion, and God does not create perverts. Liberals made themselves that way.

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