#MeThree: California Democrat Rep. Katie Hill Reportedly Involved in ‘Throuple’ Relationship with Female Staffer

… I want to be alone


Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA), a member of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, was allegedly involved in a “throuple” relationship with one of her female staffers and later went on to have an extramarital affair with her former finance director, a report from RedState claims.

RedState obtained text messages and photos which allegedly suggest that Rep. Katie Hill — who is currently undergoing divorce proceedings — carried out a two-year relationship with one of her female staffers, who was hired in 2017. Hill’s husband, Kenny Heslep, was reportedly part of the “throuple” relationship, a term used to describe three individuals involved in a consensual romantic relationship.

According to RedState, the three — Hill, Heslep, and the young female staffer — “took multiple vacations together, including to Alaska, where this photograph was taken.” The image referenced allegedly shows a censored image of Hill brushing the staffer’s hair in the nude. Other images allegedly show Hill and the staffer kissing. read more


Ah sh!t. I didn’t see Fur had already done the story. LOL!
Oh well. So what’s new in your area?
Any restaurants to recommend? Anyone have a new baby? New grandkids? New husband? Sex change? A song stuck in your head?

24 Comments on #MeThree: California Democrat Rep. Katie Hill Reportedly Involved in ‘Throuple’ Relationship with Female Staffer

  1. “Your” (the feminists need to “give” us a better pronoun) wife. Hires (hires!). On somebody else’s dimes. A ten year younger co-wife. The older wife gets a work promotion. Sailing along on even more somebody else’s dimes. And starts banging someone else. At the new office. Outside “your” marriage. So. you. dump her!

    Not only is Kenny mucho, mucho, much more manly man than The Donald… He’s got straight up, unbending integrity. Donald Trump was a “fine” “Anybody, but Hillary.” And he’s proven to be “As conservative as conservative can be.” (Haven’t had breakfast, yet. So I didn’t throw up, not even just a little, in my own mouth.) But Kenny Heslep? Straight up, Howard Dean grade, “Yeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh!”

  2. She’s like that freak female astronaut who stalked her ex from space.

    Fat unhappy lesbian did a great job of spreading ‘feminism’ which destroyed the integrity of women.

  3. I read the article. More evidence the Democrats required a candidate to be compromised in some form to qualify for office.

  4. I was awakened (but not woke) at 3-something a.m. by my mobile phone going nuts with a →→ RED ALERT!!11! ←← to let me know our area was under a tornado warning. Waterspouts had been reported not all that far away in the Gulf, and they were headed inland.

    I stayed up listening for the freight train, but all we had was lots of Blitz und Donner but no twisters.

    I doubt anything more exciting or noteworthy will happen today even though there are six more weeks in the official hurricane season.

  5. @Anonymous October 19, 2019 at 12:03 pm

    > Fat unhappy lesbian did a great job of spreading ‘feminism’ which destroyed the integrity of women.

    Yeee-aaah. That’s who did it.

  6. Leftists and Neo-Liberals will always change or invent a new word, POOF, out of NO WHERE, to justify their illicit behavior and/or illogical thinking.

  7. I had to pee and …… well, llllllll went an undine my zipper, pulled on my thump and pissed down my leg.

    But it was onlyist the second time today! so, Jill sez that if I can maken it to suppertine it’z’ll be recorded!

  8. Just got a shock this morning talking with a contractor doing some work at my house. I’ve known him for years, and knew he was a die-hard Democrat. He made a comment this morning about the “do nothing” Democrats in Congress wasting all their time trying to impeach the president rather than doing their jobs. When I expressed surprise that he’d criticize his own party, he said “Hell, I started moving away years ago when Obama was in office and I seen (sic) some of the things he was doing. Then Trump got elected and I finally saw how the job was supposed to be done. I’ll never vote Democrat again.” I felt like baking him a birthday cake.

  9. Re: The “explicit” hair-brushing photo; this is why I won’t sit on a hotel room chair, without first spreading a clean sheet over it. Yech.

  10. ” Diet frosted lemonade from Chik fil a is excellent. ”

    WHAT?! They have a diet version?
    Why am I here?!?!?!

    *Jumps out of chair, chair spinning*

  11. MJA, I remember you once comparing people in Ho’ wood to a box of hamsters crawling all over each other – same applies to DC.

  12. Degenerates be degenerating. Such a shock.

    Um, I turned some old firewood into a candle holder because my house doesn’t have a fireplace and I miss the ambiance-
    (Had to chisel the holding spots out myself by hand and it was exhausting)
    I put a fire grate around the logs, toss some candles and pinecones on there- Voila, faux fireplace. :b


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