#MeToo doesn’t seem to care about the Ronaldo rape accusation

I haven’t seen a thing on social media with the #metoo hashtag.

Did Ronaldo say he hated Trump, or that he supports abortion, or is a BernieBot?


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  1. To those who say you have to believe the woman, look up Nikki Sovino (19). She filed bogus rape charges against two Sacred Heart University football players, but was exposed as a willing participant. She was just given a one year sentence.

  2. …and she seeks to bring a new suit that would finally give her some semblance of the justice she’s long sought.

    Translation: I want MUCH MORE money. I really am a good girl.

  3. I don’t know. It used to be women would seduce rich atheletes or celebrities so they could marry them and later divorce them and get 1/2 of their net worth. I guess that process was too slow. Now it seems the women seduce the rich guys and then claim rape so they can get the guy’s entire net worth.

    I liked the old system better, but I’m just old fashioned that way.

  4. She’s in a fetal position covering her vagina, and he says “she made herself available,I took her from the side.” He SODOMIZED her. And admitted that she said Stop and No. even says “It was rude.”
    I wish she would have screamed, or fought harder. Nevertheless, by his own admission, he had non consensual sex and should have been arrested.
    What was that bit about her attorney saying something about …”my clients learning disability?”

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