#MeToo Group Tied to Biden Refused to Highlight Allegation Against Him

Breitbart: A prominent #MeToo advocacy group with ties to a top Joe Biden adviser refused to publicize sexual harassment allegations against the former vice president earlier this year.

Time’s Up, a non-profit committed to ending workplace and gender discrimination, was contacted by a former Biden senate staffer in January. The staffer, Tara Reade, had previously come forward to accuse the former vice president of inappropriate touching while working in his congressional office in the early 1990s. That initial attempt to tell her story, however, had gone poorly, with some reporters and media personalities using an old Medium piece Reade had penned praising Russia and Vladimir Putin to dismiss the allegations outright.

Reade, according to The Intercept, was hoping Time’s Up could not only publicize her story and Biden’s alleged misconduct, but also help in pursuing legal action against online “harassers.” She had some cause to hope the organization would take up the case. Since the launch of the #MeToo movement, Time’s Up had become one of the most important conduits for sexual harassment survivors to tell their stories. The group’s public presence was only enhanced by its fundraising prowess. To date, Time’s Up has raised more than $24 million from small dollar donors across the country. The money has been used for legal defense for victims of sexual harassment at the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) in Washington, D.C.

Shortly after contacting Time’s Up, Reade discussed her allegations with a program director at the NWLC. The initial talks seemed to go well, buoyed by Reade providing evidence that she had informed friends and colleagues of the alleged harassment when it first took place. The program director at NWLC told Reade in January it was likely she could qualify for legal assistance from Time’s Up. read more

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  1. Recalling the old adage that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and using Hunter as a gauge this allegation could possibly be true. It’s a shame that this girl will never get her day in court. Joe’s a democrat, they don’t get charged with crimes.

  2. The Right is not behind this. The Left knows he’s incapacitated but don’t dare admit it, so they have to get him out of the way with any reason to torpedo him before he runs.

    But this also proves that to the Left, only certain men rape and only certain women can be raped. The rest don’t count or don’t exist.

  3. #METOO was created by anti-Trump women who basically, hate men.
    They had a list of offensive behavior and were going to use it against men, primarily Republican men. They were motivated by the “grab them by the pussy” language taken out of context by the media. Then, as propaganda usually happens, it backfired, BIGLY.

    The irony is that leftist men are the real PIGS, the real RAPISTS, the real ABUSERS of women. Oh well, we told ya so.

  4. Absence of memory due to Alzheimer’s Disease is an airtight defense. Dementia Joe Obiden Bama will not be joining Harvey Weinstein in prison. Anita Bryant and Christine Blasey Ford cannot be reached for a comment at this time. Stay tuned for an important announcement from Governor Edgewise Endlessly Bloviating’s Office of Presidential Poncing.

  5. “No enemies on the Left.”
    (until ultimate victory – then we kill them)

    If we’re supposed to believe the “women are as tough as men” bullshit, then why is this even a subject of discussion? If a guy “touches” a woman “inappropriately” she should kick his balls into his intestines – I guarantee he’ll stop. If he’s her boss and she allows it, then she allows it – so it ain’t “harassment” – it’s a tacit understanding – otherwise she would quit and find more accommodating employment. Believe it or not, men have to put up with shit at work, too (not “inappropriate” touching) – there’s a pecking order – and guys who are a little different (well read dude on a brick crew, for instance, who pronounces “column” as “collum” instead of “call-Yum” or says “hermaphrodite” instead of “morph-a-dite”) – or didn’t have a full-growth shaggy beard by 13 – or can’t carry a 6″ x 6′ concrete and steel lintel on his shoulder – has to suffer the slings and arrows of disdain.
    Men take it in stride (or they used to) while women dissolve into puddles of snot.

    The whole pallet of bullshit has morphed into a political/easy-money weapon that has little to do with objective reality – sort of a lawyers’ orgy.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. People need to realize that those carrying various weapons of war into battle with them don’t use those weapons against the ones fighting alongside or leading them.

    And politics is a form of war.

  7. With everything that old, white, cis, male has done for lesbians, of every color, I’d let him sniff my hair!

  8. Fur, this was an amazing read. I commented on the thread above this after I read the linked article there, and hadn’t seen this post yet.

    This gives the big fat lie to the Left’s narrative about helping victims of rape (whether in Hollywood or on the campus) no matter what! The fine print is that they’ll help liars who falsely accuse conservative men only. It made me ill to read Time’s Up’s public explanation that they couldn’t help this woman because Biden is running for office and they would lose their non-profit status. Whut!? I feel sorry for the woman but it’s the old adage, “You lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas”. I would have thought Anita Dunn would make an exception for a woman who so admired Putin and hated America, though.


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