Mexican Army Seizes Half Ton of Meth near Arizona

Breitbart: The Mexican Army seized 1,055 pounds of methamphetamine Friday near the Arizona border, adding to the number of significant drug busts in the last 30 days.

This most recent seizure took place on September 14 at approximately 6:25 pm when elements of the Mexican Army and Sonora State Police (PESP) responded to the outskirts of Caborca based on a lead regarding drug activity at a remote landing strip, according to local media reports.

Authorities observed a 2002 Jeep Cherokee on a remote highway heading into Caborca. The Jeep was occupied by two passengers with a rifle in the cabin. Several large, white sacks were in the back compartment of the vehicle. Upon further inspection, investigators discovered a total of 18 sacks carrying 756 plastic bags containing a substance consistent with methamphetamine or “cristal” as it is locally known.

The two males were identified as Andres B.F., 31, and Ivan O.G., 32, were both from Caborca. A search of the vehicle produced ammunition in various calibers, magazines, $18,000 pesos ($955.00 USD), and $1,000 USD to include six counterfeit U.S. $20 bills. The total weight of methamphetamine seized came out to 1,055 pounds (478.5 kilograms).

Investigators determined the methamphetamine arrived in the area via small airplane and was loaded into the Jeep bound for Caborca, according to a statement released by the Mexican Army. The two suspects were handed over to investigators for the federal prosecutor’s office. The methamphetamine is believed to be originally destined for the U.S. drug market–given Caborca’s location and the Sinaloa Cartel’s local smuggling operation into Arizona.

Northern Mexican areas around California and Arizona are witnessing a rash of high-profile drug busts. more

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  1. Why, that’s almost 15 bajillion lethal doses with an estimated street value of $257M infinity dollars.

    Can I get US Rep. Brat to whip out his crackulator on this one?

    Meanwhile, I’m limited to buying a 4 day supply of Sudafed at Wal-Mart, provide photo ID and sign an affidavit that I understand my door will get kicked the fuck in and I’ll spend the rest of my life in jail if I try to buy 5 days worth.

    Walgreens won’t even sell you Sudafed unless you describe your symptoms first.

    Because government solved the meth problem.

  2. 1055 pounds is probably less than a days supply for the any American metropolitan area, and probably about an hours supply for any major city in California.

  3. That was the trophy jeep, so in the authorities were allowed to take that one for the headlines. The actual load made it through the lines.

  4. “crackulator” LOL

    Now, see, if the lefties could just get law abiding US citizens’ guns taken away, there would be no more worries about gun violence.

  5. Just a turf battle over meth distribution. In this case, the Mexican Army won. Next battle, maybe the cartel wins. The betting windows are open.

  6. The Jeep…although White….Still identified as a Cherokee.

    I’ll be out front picking up Cigarette butts if anybody needs Me.


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