Mexican Artist Changes White Icons Brown So They “Look Like Her”- and Stupidly Changes Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse isn’t part of the human race- black, brown, yellow, red or white. He’s a mouse.

But, behold-

Mickey Minstrel. [I thought blackface was racist?]

Also, this woman is brown?

h/t Whistler’s abuela 

23 Comments on Mexican Artist Changes White Icons Brown So They “Look Like Her”- and Stupidly Changes Mickey Mouse!

  1. Cultural appropriation at its finest.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. If I put that Mickey Mouse on my front lawn, someone would burn down my house and they’d probably throw me in jail.

    Does her Minnie Mouse have big ‘hoop’ earrings? She is allowed to wear them.

  3. For all my caucasian brothers and sisters of European descent, check “other” for race and write in “European-American” on the census.

  4. Again, what delayed fuse time bomb is in the dna of Latin women? She looks likes shes melting into a runny blob. Why oh why is this the future of every hottie that’s ever been on the cover of Low Rider magazine?

    Also, on the census, I’m going with “The Most American” for my race.

  5. If she had used burnt ochre instead of burnt umber Mickey might not look as offensive. Hey lady! There are other colors in the rainbow than the brownest of brown when making your radical paint pot point.

  6. She looks like she’s had facial reconstruction surgery after she fell at the Running Of The Bulls.

  7. O ye Linda! Real artists create their own work. Not co-opt someone else’s.
    That said, I always change the emojis to brown, too 💃🏽👍🏾⛹🏽‍♂️
    I’m Mexican. About the same color as that “Melting blob.” (But still kinda hot 😉 @ Aaron Burr). When I want to see other “Brown” people, I go next door, or, to a Taco Truck, or a family reunion. The only famous person I’m interested in right now is Trump. I don’t care what color or ethnicity he is. I am just so very grateful that he is the president and that he’s a straight shooter. God bless him and keep him safe, always.

  8. She’s free to do what she does. BUT…… she should expect blowback and laughter, that not everyone will like her (koff!) “work” (koff!), and that it won’t sell much, if at all.
    She also needs to learn and get used to the concept of “starving artist”. Jus’ sayin’.

  9. She made Mickey look like El Memin Pinguin, a Mexican comic character that is just about one of the racist things I have ever seen. Seriously. Do an image search of “El Memin Piguin”. Mexicans are so racist.


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