Mexican Charged With Hate Crime For Deliberately Crashing Into A Harley Rider

Milwaukee Journal Sentienel

A Fond du Lac man was charged Thursday with a hate crime after authorities said he intentionally crashed his pickup truck into a motorcyclist on July 3 killing the driver.

Daniel Navarro, 27, is charged with first-degree intentional homicide, using a dangerous weapon and first-degree recklessly endangering safety, all as hate crimes. Fond du Lac County Circuit Court Judge Robert Wirtz set bail at $1 million during an initial court appearance.

Fond du Lac County sheriff’s deputies responding to a report of the crash at Winnebago Drive and Taycheedah Way in the town of Taycheedah found the motorcyclist, 55-year-old Phillip A. Thiessen of Fond du Lac, dead in the roadway.

Thiessen was a former Marine and a retired special agent with Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation. He had previously been a police officer in Fairfax, Virginia. More

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  1. In a roundabout, circular, disjointed, incoherent method arising to a level of a hate crime, given the illogical rules the left uses, I’m A. O. K. charging Narvarro with a hate crime.

    Well, that and he’s nuts.
    Now let’s see if it sticks. 🙄

    I haven’t heard anyone seriously pushing to bring back mental asylums. That’d be too logical.

  2. Hate crimes – another ridiculous farce pushed on us by the left. Who else wants to persecute and prosecute people based on what they think?
    Intentionally killing someone is a hate crime by my definition. Oh wait, he did it because of the person’s nationality / race / gender / whatever? Oh, OK, that makes it worse.

  3. “Navarro faces life in prison if convicted of all charges. A preliminary hearing is scheduled July 17. ”

    What does he face if he is not convicted of all of them?

  4. @Dan – I don’t despise Harleys, but I won’t buy one. I know the maintenance has gotten better over the years, but I am not going to shell out an additional $5K, or more, for a name. There are much better American made bikes, IMO.

  5. I only know three Harley riders that are “white” and I know quite a few mostly black and latino of course even the white guys who ride with short sleeves look like messicans too!

    And you say he was sober???

  6. Parents said he had been isolating himself and mostly watching the news! Let’s guess which news channels he watched.

  7. …you know, when the crazy White guy ramp worker who stole the airplane and killed himself in it made ONE reference to racial issues during a VERY long, rambling conversation with ATC, the media was very, VERY quick to blame President Trump for causing this man to have racial despair because of his “hate speech”, so the whole thing was Trump’s fault.

    ““Rich” also provides vague hints toward economic and racial grievances. At one point he references “minimum wage. We’ll chalk it up to that.” At another point he jokingly says he won’t be able to get a job after the incident because “I’m a white guy.””

    …so, what politician will the media base THIS man’s REPEATED references to imaginary racial hatred on? There’s PLENTY of DEMS making up very false racial hatred narratives, so it’ll be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG list…

  8. I guess just plain old ‘criminally insane’ no longer exists. I don’t believe anyone knew each other, knew one another.’s races, genders, religious affiliations or politics. This was a crazy person who was out to kill the easiest victim.

    Who knows? Maybe he lost his job due to COVID1984 and was trying to secure 3 hots and a cot.

  9. I’ve been riding since 1968. Sold my street bike in 2002 due to too many shitheads per square inch around here. And it’s much worse now.
    Kept my Class 4 license JIC.

  10. Had my first (and last) motorcycle accident when I was 17 back in 1972. Lake Tahoe. Woman made a left turn in front of me. I went flying but I had slowed down because the market at the marina had parking spaces that backed onto the road. I was busy watching that on my right.
    She hit me from the left.
    I was not wearing a helmet, nothing. It could have turned out much worse than road rash.

    That was enough for me.

  11. Phillip A. Thiessen, we hardly knew you……

    Lo, There do I see my Father
    Lo, There do I see my Mother and
    My Brothers and my Sisters
    Lo, There do I see the line of my people back to the beginning
    Lo, They do call to me
    They bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla
    Where thine enemies have been vanquished
    Where the brave shall live Forever
    Nor shall we mourn but rejoice for those that have died the glorious death.

    Rest in Peace…..

  12. Well old timer, not much you can do if they’re comin’ at you head on.

    When we meet in Valhalla I’ll convince you to switch your evo for a shovelhead.

  13. …just before I got my knee surgery, I was for no reason other than to shoot the shit during a break, talking to one of our shop managers during a break. He was an ardent rider so the talk had turned to riding, which is something that ended with ME when I cushioned my dirt bike with my knee and thigh from sliding the poor thing sideways down several yards of pavement, which was sufficient to convince me that riding wasn’t my destiny, so most of what I had to contribute to the conversation was my experiences picking up broken riders on the Li’l Red Truck. I prefaced by warning him that at one time on a previous job I worked concurrently with running Squad, that I had made a previously happy rider progressively more scared and eventually sell his bike just by telling him the almost daily true stories of the grisly piles of flesh I was toting to the hospital after a lively trip over the handlebars or into a retaining wall fork-first.

    He was a grizzled old sot that was pretty set in his 60 year old ways, so he just smirked and said I’d never talk HIM off his bike, he’d just as soon die doing something he loved.

    Hope he meant it…

    …I went my way, got cut and laid up, then got a text one day. Seems Captain Morgan (a nickname he’d earned by doing the one leg up on something stance that character did in the rum advertisements, but all the time and in real life) had been riding alone, was out in the sticks, and missed a turn. He was a skilled rider, so maybe a deer, maybe a sneeze, who knew, but for whatever reason, the road turned and he didn’t.


    Didn’t pursue any details, was he killed instantly or linger for example, ’cause it ultimately didn’t matter.

    He had, indeed, died doing what he loved.

    All men die whether at pain or at peace, but not all men truly live.

    Perhaps that attitude is best, sure beats hiding in a closet until the Democrats come out with the NEXT big thing to scare us indoors with, I suppose.

    But all I can say to the riders is that is ONE thing that seemed to affect survival rates.

    …don’t ride alone.

    …your life may well depend on it…

  14. Never ride alone…… JEEZE SNS, why not just wear adult diapers and sit around the house all day.


    It makes for an interesting obituary.

  15. FarmWife
    JULY 11, 2020 AT 5:58 PM
    “I just purchased a white cake mix. Is that racist?”

    …you gonna mix it with WHITE milk, WHITE sugar, WHITE salt, WHITE flower, and egg WHITES???

    …Geez, what a delicious pile of micro-aggressions you’re planning…

  16. Aaron Burr
    JULY 11, 2020 AT 6:06 PM
    “Never ride alone…… JEEZE SNS, why not just wear adult diapers and sit around the house all day.”

    …well I realize that may be a tall order for a cantakerous grumph like YOU to fill, but you DO need to consider the benefits of having someone to attract the “gas, ass, or grass” contingent of backseat passengers FOR you, since that, too, may be a task Time has put just beyond your reach, just sayin’…;)

  17. “Hate crime”. It sounds like something out of Orwell’s 1984:


    …so now we have “Hate crime”???

    I’m pretty sure that when the laws were originally written, a crime was just a crime. Period.

    The fact that such an offense even exists in modern jurisprudence shows how close we have come to Orwell’s dystopia.

  18. The last 7 weeks have emboldened these criminals. De Blasio, Newsom, and many others have allowed this to happen.

    A real federal police force is needed, and not a bureau of investigation like the FBI. I mean a real police force that acts under federal martial law in every corner of the US until this insane violence stops. I would want martial law to remain only temporarily, unless the left decides to continue on to some crazy revolution.

    If even one person is murdered by a felon let out of California prisons, the people responsible for such a travesty should be arrested by the feds and charged with aiding and abetting murder.

    Trump has to do something to stop this madness. The states aren’t up to it.

  19. Get ready for him to not go to an actual prison. Maybe a state hospital prison type thing.

    After reading his answers to the cops and his recent history of paranoid takes of so many people poisoning him etc..

    He fits the paranoid-schiz profile and NO-ONE goes to prison if that’s the determination.

    Temporary insanity takes away the responsibility everyone else would have to face.

    I know because my last GF shot a co-worker and even the state agreed her state of paranoid-schiz relieved her of facing the consequences she would have if she wasn’t mentally ill.

    Scary part – she’s out now and in half-way house for the last year. Nine years in a state hospital/prison where she got day trips to public places. Her own take when I first talked to her at visitation before her court date: “I know I did it. But it wasn’t me that did it.” With a smile on her face. Ooookay.

    The guy’s family was very pissed she wasn’t going to face the music for killing him in cold blood for no reason.

    You know how you assess your part in a relationship that failed when it’s over? Yeah, I learned how to recognize mental illness. The rest was a reset button push.


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