Mexican Chemists Help Sinaloa Cartel Cut China Out of Fentanyl Trade


The Sinaloa Cartel’s fentanyl production continues despite the global pandemic’s limits to Chinese trade, thanks to rogue university chemists.

China is documented as the largest source of illicit chemical precursors going to Mexico for opioid production. They are responsible for the shipment of two primary ingredients known as NPP and 4aNPP, which are essential in the manufacture of fentanyl. If economists are correct, then the global Coronavirus-related shutdowns should have some effect on Mexican cartels’ abilities to manufacture fentanyl. However, recent CBP seizure data indicate near-record amounts of fentanyl appearing in the U.S. on a monthly basis. In February, for example, CBP seized 255 pounds just at ports of entry.

“The Mexican drug cartels work hand-in-hand with corrupt Mexican government officials at high levels, said Terry Cole, a former Special Agent with the DEA. “If the average taxpayer had a basic understanding of how these two groups work together still to this minute, they would be sickened. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell, who-is-who when you are dealing with cartels, federal police, military forces, and the federal government.” read more

9 Comments on Mexican Chemists Help Sinaloa Cartel Cut China Out of Fentanyl Trade

  1. The planned demolition of our economy continues.
    The politicians are destroying our economy on purpose.

  2. How do you tell the difference between shit and Sinaloa?….”Look at’cher chooes Ernesto, see the shine?”…..

  3. After all these are the same type people that came up with the formula for Taco’s, so they must be good at their trade! Look at all the Taco stands we have in this country! Arriba. riba, riba!


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