Mexican Drug Cartels: How Far Is Their Reach

CFP: As the Trump administration considers designating Mexican drug cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO), Judicial Watch provides comprehensive documentation that the sophisticated criminal operations meet the U.S. government’s requirements to make the list. WATCH

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  1. Yes, and we should not be negotiating trade with China until they cease all fentanyl going to Mexico and the U.S.!

  2. As long as people crave drugs
    there will be narco terrorist cartels.
    I hear now that coke and meth are exploding
    in Africa & China.It all comes from the Mexican cartels.

  3. The easiest money is not what’s paid to those who traffic in actual product. The easiest (and most conscience-salving) is paid to corrupt politicians and LE who take bribes or “contributions” to simply look the other way.

    “Hey, I’M not a drug dealer!” they may bleat and be technically correct. No, they’re worse than one — at least the dealer is up front about what he’s doing and isn’t lying about it.

  4. Every person who uses illegal drugs have blood on their hands.I’m not again of letting “low level” illegal drug users off easy or out of prison.

  5. It will stop when we start hanging all and any drug dealers in the Walmart parking lot and leave them hang for a week or two. We’re in a war and can’t even see we’re losing it. Stop with the Mr Nice guy BS.

  6. Well, all the way to the Clinton White House!
    We know that for sure.

    And it’d be pretty much a safe bet that the spook agencies are involved.
    Can’t get drugs in without inside help.
    Eric Holder seemed to know his way around them, too (he was arming them through “fast and furious” as did Bush).
    The “Open Borders” bullshit that all the Demonrats are touting didn’t happen in a vacuum, either – there’s certainly NO advantage to the United States.

    Seems to be another one of those century-long problems that nobody can get a grip on – like education, inner-cities, Puerto Rico, corruption, taxation, gerrymandering, media malfeasance, the growth in dishonesty – y’know – stuff that serves some pernicious agenda.

    But, like most things, drugs are a symptom of a greater malady.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. How far is their reach?

    A US President sold them automatic weapons to take sides in the cartel war.

    They run the drug game in Chicago. They kill Americans on our soil. They’re responsible for the overdose deaths of tens of thousands of US citizens by trafficking meth and fentanyl.

    When all is said and done, we’ll discover numerous state legislators, churches and Congress people on their payroll who advocated for open borders.

    El Chapo said the last 3 Mexican Presidents were on the take.

    If their reach gets any greater, they’re going to need to do some stretching exercises so they don’t pull a muscle.


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