Mexican Government Sues Walmart for El Paso Mass Shooting

[Never happen. But bless their lil corazones, aren’t they cute?]
Walmart lawyers make in 1 week what Mexico earns in 1 entire year. And they’re nastier than the whores in Tijuana.

Breitbart: The Mexican federal government announced the filing of a lawsuit in a U.S. court against Walmart for the August 3 mass shooting in El Paso, Texas. Mexico City claims the shopping center failed in providing necessary and reasonable security measures.

A U.S. law firm hired by Mexico’s Consulate in El Paso filed the lawsuit on behalf of 10 Mexican nationals who were victims in the attack. On August 3, a lone gunman entered the Walmart near the Cielo Vista shopping center targeting what he called “Hispanic invaders” in a manifesto. The man killed 22 and injured 24 more. Texas prosecutors filed capital murder charges against the alleged shooter. MORE

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  1. A couple year ago I flew Aero Mexico down to Cabo. Fuckers lost my luggage. They finally tracked it down and when I opened it up there was a smashed Sombrero, two cans of Refito Beans, a couple used condoms, and a smelly ass gee string. I think I’ll sue Mexico.

  2. HA! Good luck pendajos. You can lose most of your hand on a W/M shipping dock because of faulty equipment and some way, somefuckinghow, it’s gonna be your fault.

    Ask me how I know.

    They probably could’ve picked a worst target but one doesn’t come to mind, maybe a cartel. This company has been dealing with American unions and the US government for decades. Turning their finely honed skills on Mexican lawyers will be a cake walk.

    Just the PR angle is a killer for W/M much less trying to pin this on them.

  3. Anon, sincerely good luck with that rightly so.
    Although it sounds really worth it,
    also kinda sounds like you had a good time?

  4. huron NOVEMBER 22, 2019 AT 1:41 AM
    “Anonymous. Did you lose anything?”

    This gave me the first laugh of the day. Good one.

  5. The DOJ should sue Mechico for the hundreds of billions of tax dollars spent on health, education, medical for the illegal criminal invaders exported to this country by its government and are languishing in this country!


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