Mexican migrants sent record $36B in remittances in 2019


Instability in Mexico and Latin America drove a wave of migrant workers to send a record amount of remittances to their home countries in 2019. Mexico’s Central Bank reported that Mexican migrants working overseas sent home a record-high $36 billion in remittances in 2019, a 7 percent increase from 2018.

According to a study from the Inter-American Dialogue, between 2016 and 2017, remittances to Mexico increased by 12 percent, a sharp rise from previous years.

States with the largest population of Mexican-born immigrants rank highest in remittance transfers. The states with the highest transfers include California ($8.84 billion), Texas ($4.3 billion), Illinois ($1.4 billion), New York ($1.8 billion), Florida ($1.15 billion), and Georgia ($1.0 billion). California accounted for nearly 29 percent of the total remittances to Mexico from 2014 to 2017. During this same time period, the percentage of the Mexican-born population in the U.S. dropped slightly by 1.3 percent while remittances spiked to nearly 8 percent. more

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  1. Hey Mexico, to quote the now infamous Greta Thornburger, “HOW DARE YOU!”…is this the best that a country with great resources can do? Run your people away from your SHAMELESS corruption for survival abroad, and to send foreign monies homeward? And then have the arrogance and audacity to bite the hands that feed you?

    You’d have been better off had we annexed your ass all the way to Guatemala.

    FU and that coward Santa Anna too.

  2. The remittances SHOULD be taxed, since the income from which they were derived were paid “under-the-table” and thereby avoided income taxes.

  3. “Instability in Mexico and Latin America drove a wave of migrant workers to send a record amount of remittances to their home countries in 2019”

    They were driven to it. Sure. Whatever, Pox. You get worse every day.

    So exactly where did that “record amount of remittances” come from? Certainly not the best US economy in decades. Right, Pox?

  4. If all these brave young men were back home in Mexico they could have a revolution. . .make some changes. . .a transformation. . .

  5. 11 million illegal aliens (number quoted since Reagon’s amnesty fiasco) sent 36 billion back to mexico? HUH? numbers don’t work….

    The accurate illegal alien number is closer to 40 million, maybe 60 million….36 billion?….The fuckers are doing pretty good doing jobs Americans won’t do….36 billion divided by 40 million illegal aliens means every illegal man, woman and child sent $900 dollars back to Mexico I think….Something ain’t right….

  6. Chuck Harder explained back during Clinton why it’s bad. Yes, money drains from our economy. Yes, instead of circulating around, helping us, it’s gone for good. But it’s actually an unofficial form of foreign aid sent by the Left via lawless immigration policies, which the Left rewards itself for with illegal votes. A permanent cycle.

    End it, Mr. President.


    What ever services they are using to send back money, if it’s to a central American country, it can be flagged for an extra remittance tax, and that money goes for wall funding.

    Too easy, why it’s not done, I have no idea.

  8. Seize their assets.
    Only let them transfer pesos.
    Keep their money until all their room, board, medical care, the wall, and policing are paid off.
    Oh, ship some of that $36 Billion to the mexican armed forces which are defending that side of the border.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. You’re missing the forest through the trees. Where did that $38,B come from? A statistic I saw in the past couple years noted that 80% of Mexican and SA immigrants are on some form of public assistance for life in the US. They are living on the dole while sending their incomes to their families back home, (they rarely consider themselves Americans). Americans pay for their housing, food, education, and medical care, while they claim indigent status. Then they send their money to their families.

  10. But “the undocumented” are paid less than minimum wage (in cash), and you can’t live on that! How can they have that much extra to send home?

    Why can’t millenials with student loans save money like that to pay off those loans?

  11. America should send the Mexicans a bill for mucho hundreds of billions of dollars to pay us back for the tax dollars expended for the health care, education, incarceration, housing and welfare payments provided, illegally, to their illegal citizens infesting this country!


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