Mexican Newspaper Supports Trump’s Wall

But on the Southern Border with Guatemala-

PanAmPost: The Mexican journal El Mañana published an editorial July 24 advocating for the construction of a border wall similar to that of Donald Trump’s — “but in Southern Mexico.”

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s idea for a wall involves Mexico financing the project and building it on their side of the border. El Mañana basically wants the same thing for Guatemala and Belize.

According to the journal, the border between Mexico and the two Central American nations:

Doesn’t give any benefits (to the country), on the contrary they only bring trouble. These crossings are used for a new invasion: that of Central Americans using our country to enter the United States.

El Mañana added that the main problem “isn’t the undocumented traffic, mainly Guatemalan, Salvadoran and Honduran,” but rather that illegals deported from the United States don’t go back “to their origin as established in international treaties.” Instead, they go mainly to the city of Reynosa.  more 

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  1. para ti, no me eh?

    Fuck you Mexico, soon enough the NAFTA/TPP Gravy Train is going to roll to a stop. And with it and The Wall on our southern border, you’re going to have to deal with your shitstorm yourself. Hopefully the way Trump will pay for The Wall is a tax on wire remittances sent back to Mexico from here.

    It is Mexico’s second largest revenue stream!

    It’s going to be like Escape from New York watching them reap the bitter harvest they’ve sown. Their government corruption makes even the Clintonslook tame. You bet your ass they’re gonna need a wall on their southern border too.

  2. We should have kept mexico and civilized it when we had the chance, back in 1846. It is a kakistocracy as the Demonrats are trying to establish here.

    Manifest Destiny – and all that.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Go ahead and build that southern wall, Mexico.
    Train up your survey crews, so we can hire them as advisors on our wall.

  4. Our foreign policy of allowing greedy corporations to avoid OUR own laws and then exploit the country’s they go to, is a pretty stupid
    policy. To do successful business trade has to be fair. Fairness requires self government. Self government = Christianity.
    Funny I seem to remember reading about this from our founding fathers.

  5. Just to remenber u bunch of idiots this country it wasn’t yours either.native american indians were killed .they wrre the only owners from this..ignorants so shut your fucking mouth and study more instead of be takinng shit

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