Mexican Words of the Day

 sent around a meme on Twitter-

Of course this derailed me for a little while because I couldn’t resist joining in the fun.

What’d you guys got?

58 Comments on Mexican Words of the Day

  1. I miss Twitter sometimes, all the really good smart asses are there.
    Still have a sign on, twitchy twitter finger.

  2. The word you are looking for on the main page is similar in both Spanish and French, the word is choot.
    In American it is shoot.

  3. Why would I say I “choot you’ in the meme? Choot is not an English word.

    The game is to find English words that when spoken they sound like Mexicans saying something completely different.

  4. System.
    My family get all excited and crying that the Federales are sending me back home for a while
    so I system down and tell them we gonna be okay.

  5. Toll, dish, kiss

    I toll them Hillary would run them in the dish, but they gave her the kiss anyway.

  6. Chicken fingers….Little Caesar’s….LOL I am dying! You guys are the best!

    On an only semi-related note, I am traveling on biz and decided to stay in a pet-friendly hotel and bring my two mutts along for company. The Mexican housekeeper understands little English, and I have a very loose grasp of Spanish, so the results have been hilarious. She keeps calling me, “Oscar,” which is the name of one of my dogs. Not sure how we arrived at that!


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