Mexicans Are Proud of Their Heritage of Law Breaking

Students at a high school in North Carolina were instructed by their principal that they’d be allowed to pull a prank. So they decided to build a Trump wall in the lobby made from boxes.

A group of students at a western North Carolina high school built a wall made of boxes and blocked access to a common area, and their Latino classmates are upset
This “upset” Mexican students.
WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???? It’s offensive to suggest that someone from another country will be prevented from entering here illegally?
It upsets ME that these upset students had a “meeting” with the principal and he sniveled and apologized like a giant sack of sh*t. I thought these people were educators? It’s time to start educating and shout down these aiders and abettors of criminality who are rolling over our guilt-ridden weakest links.
The wall represents law and order and sovereignty.
The principal is apologizing for that??

Spivey had a meeting with and said he was sorry to Marta Guardian and Johnny Campos, the two students told WLOS.

Guardian told the TV station: ‘I’m proud of where I’m from.

‘I’m proud to be a Mexican-American because I was born here.

‘I was taught here. I learned about American culture, but I never left my roots.

‘Some kids are left alone here because their parents are illegal, and their kids are left here because they are legal and their parents get deported.

‘They separate families. That is not OK.’

Campos said in a statement to the TV station: ‘I am the president of the Hispanic Youth Club.

‘After this incident was brought to my attention, I asked to meet with our principal, Mr. Spivey.

‘It was a very productive meeting and I believe Mr. Spivey will handle this in a way that helps everyone begin to repair relationships.

‘McDowell High School is a great place, and I want the Class of 2016 to be known for building bridges for a better tomorrow – not judged by the insensitive actions of a few people.’

A school district spokesman says the students won’t face any disciplinary action.

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  1. Does this mean taco Tuesday is now in jeopardy? The agreived beaners need quality time in a dumpster.

  2. “‘They separate families. That is not OK.”

    Stupid! The ILLEGAL PARENTS made that choice. Grow up and place the blame where it belongs.

    If you want to accept criminal behavior, keep it in the southern side of the American border: YOUR OWN COUNTRY. DO NOT BRING IT HERE, we have enough crime to deal with, especially in the government in Washington DC!

  3. Speaking of pranks… 👿

    The colossal prank of all time was putting that grifter family in the White House and keeping them there for eight years. The coup de grâce was the Santeria chicken-sacrificing Hoodoo-Mother-in-Law.

    Sadly, that was a con job from which America will never fully recover.

  4. The south of the border criminal will always have a revered place in our culture.
    Who can forget the Frito Bandito?

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