Mexico Backtracks, Willing to Talk NAFTA with Trump

Breitbart: Despite months of tough talk by Mexican politicians about a potential Trump presidency, leaders are now claiming to be open to changes in NAFTA and trade. 

Soon after Donald J. Trump became President-Elect, Mexico’s Foreign Relations Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu said her country was willing to “modernize” the North American Free Trade Agreement, AFP reported.

Trump has claimed NAFTA has taken American jobs and has been one of the worst deals signed by the United States. 

Ruiz Massieu said the government of that country would be meeting with the Trump administration in the coming months in order to discuss NAFTA. The Mexican politician said they were open to modernizing the agreement in order to make it more beneficial for Mexico, the U.S. and Canada.  MORE

14 Comments on Mexico Backtracks, Willing to Talk NAFTA with Trump

  1. Good. I can overlook the campaign season blather if the Mexican govt shows it is prepared to accept the fact of Trump’s election and to sit down to serious talks without the PR crap.

  2. make it more beneficial for Mexico, the U.S. and Canada

    Apparently Trump’s campaign fell on deaf ears. Any renegotiation takes place in favor of the U.S. first. It doesn’t matter if a renegotiation or an elimination is better or worse for anyone else, we’re on America First Time (AFT).

  3. And Trudeau wants to ‘renegotiate’ NAFTA with Trump. Yeah. How about this…it’s dead, and you can fuck Lena Dunham as many times as you want. Win, win!

  4. “Willing to renegotiate”, now that’s funny. They don’t seem to understand that they have no choice, and as Trump is an expert negotiator, by the time he’s done we will be getting the best of the deal.

  5. Trump tells it like it is and they can either accept reality or take what he is going to do anyway and work with him. I like this man.

  6. if Trump were in a room with Canuck pres and Mexico pres, he actually would be the smartest man in the room.

    Be like a parent giving instructions to their 6 year old twins.

  7. Before everyone dumps on Canada regarding NAFTA please remember that the Canada/USA part of NAFTA had a basis in the US-Canada FTA signed under Reagan and Mulroney. It actually worked, lowering tariffs and encouraging trade both ways and creating net new jobs for both countries. It was when Mexico was introduced into the mix that jobs were lost from both countries to Mexico. You can’t negotiate a real (or even close) FTA if one country is a third world economy, social programs and political system. The countries have to be close in all those areas for it to work.

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