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Mexico chides U.S. immigration policies

WaTimes: Mexican leaders scolded their American counterparts on Thursday for President Trump’s new immigration policies, using an initial meeting to register their displeasure and demand that the U.S. not increase the number of people deported to Mexico.

The American leaders, Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson and Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly, took the rebuke, promising to work with Mexico and vowing not to conduct “mass deportations” from within the U.S.

Mr. Kelly also took pains to rule out the possible use of military forces in immigration enforcement, pushing back on reports last week that the National Guard might be enlisted — and countering President Trump’s own description Thursday of his new deportation policies as “a military operation.”

“Listen to this: No, repeat, no use of military force in immigration operations. None,” Mr. Kelly said, pleading with reporters to “try to get that right” in their stories.

After a day’s worth of meetings in Mexico City, both sides emerged to say the talks were productive and cordial. But the encouraging words could not obscure the deep divisions that have emerged over trade and immigration policy early in the Trump administration.  read more

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  1. The last time Mexico fussed with the U.S. we kicked their asses back across the Rio Grande! This time we should kick their asses way back into the interior and claim the coastal areas as payment for the billions of dollars we have spent on their crap citizens!

  2. We need another Zoot Suit war to show the Mexicans who runs the continent.
    As far as refugees from south of Mexico being dropped off in Mexico; I expect the Mexicans to show their visitors the same courtesy and consideration they showed them when they were traveling through in the other direction.

  3. Mexico just doesn’t want the reprobates they’ve allowed to come over here back. Trump nailed it June 2015 describing who is here.

  4. The MSM hadn’t even finished their “last night in Sweden” when they were drafted into “a military operation.” Try to keep up, journos. Just follow the bouncing ball.

  5. The US should employ Obama’s, the great progressive international emancipator’s solution to everything; draw a red line in the sand on the Mexican side of the border.
    That should correct the illegal immigration issue.

  6. I give the same amount of f*cks about what a third world shithole like Mexico thinks about the US, as I do whether or not the heroin addled hobos that may have shit themselves wandering by my job site think about me. Eat a bag of dicks Mexico!

  7. However… Mexico has some of the most draconian immigration laws in the world. Get caught coming over there a second time, and it’s jail.

    What Mexico is mad about are our threats to throw all the Central American-os that TRANSITED Mexico, back across the border. They came from Mexico, put ’em back in Mexico. That mean Mexico has to send ’em back to their home countries.

    What cracks me up is that Mexico guards its southern border so closely, so how did all those Central American-os get across? Why let ’em come through Mexico in the first place?

    Two things: 0bama asked Mexico to open their border for transit to Estados Unidos. Second, Mexico makes millions in bribes, robberies and human trafficking off the “pollos” (chickens) who cross Mexico on their way to Del Norte.

    Now, Mexico has to take ’em back, and the pollos have nothing to steal, no bribe money and the pretty ones have all been picked over. And now, Mexico has to foot the bill.

  8. 1. I’m all for letting the National Guard assist. Good practical training exercise.
    These illegals are NOT American citizens so there is NO “posse comitatus” issue.

    2. We hold all the cards here. We are tossing the Nieto regime some scrap of pretend dignity because otherwise his 1% owners (like Carlos Slim and his NYT) will yank him and install a new Prezzie.
    Makes no difference to the outcome, but keeping their current crew saves learning new names/extension numbers.

    Since it’s Mexico, they will handle all these events very badly. But that’s their hard luck. Corruption and a brutal cultural stupidity keeps them a third world hellhole with beautiful beaches.

  9. Wait a minute. The story here is “Mexico chides U.S. immigration policies,” and it sounds like Tillerson and Kelly just took it. That’s Bullshit. Put mexico on notice we’re not taking anymore of their crap. After Trumps campaign I would’ve thought all his people would have gotten the message.
    ramos and vicente fox says f@#$ us and these guys play nice?

  10. Border stations should start blasting to the Mexicans, if they come here, they no longer have a country. Their gov’t disowns them. They can never go back, even for a visit. They have to live the rest of their lives in US ‘detention centers’.

  11. The Mexican Gummint is laughably hypocritical here, criticizing the USA for our immigration policies. If you ever read their immigration laws, they are downright fascist.

    But then again, Mexico’s Gummint is a fascist socialist house of cards. Their evil socialist revolution in the 20’s murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent families, priests and nuns.

  12. But who’s going to pick all strawberries- tomatoes-corn- if we don’t let them in or deport those that are here? I don’t like the invasion any more than you, but I can say that most black or white or even Indians won’t be doing that back bending over work any time soon. Deport the criminals and let those that want to pick cotton in but house them in camps. Back in the late 50’s early 60’s we had a camp for the Mexicans that worked in the fields- good housing-schools- and an on site doctor– there were no problems back then— But now!! the younger generation wants it all for free with out work… God I’m old and miss the old days…..

  13. Eisenhower used old freighters to ship them far enough south they couldn’t walk back across the border the next day. Certainly not Carnival Cruise.

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