Mexico turns down Trump’s generous offer to help wipe out drug cartels in Mexico


This is the time for Mexico, with the help of the United States, to wage WAR on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth. We merely await a call from your great new president!
192K8:28 AM – Nov 5, 2019

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador flatly rejected President Donald Trump’s offer to “wage war” on drug cartels following the massacre of a U.S.-Mexican family along the border.

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  1. It would take a brave man to declare war on the cartels. AMLO doesn’t have the backbone for it. We have to build the wall and police it, there is a militant, murderous army on the other side.

  2. AMLO’s in the pocket of the Cartels, of course he doesn’t want help in wiping them out.

    BTW, why do we consider Mexico a friendly country? Everything it does seems to put it on the hostile side by deliberately inflicting difficulties and harm on us.

  3. Is there a tipping point where we say that’s it? How do you fight a war without hurting people’s feelings? It’s almost like they want this so they can point at guns as being the problem. Fast and Furious still being used against the First Amendment.

  4. You can’t really blame the guy. Ever since a little dustup called the Mexican-American War, it has been political suicide for any Mexican government official to even mention the possibility of inviting U.S. troops onto Mexican soil. No way, Jose.

  5. because half the cartel members are “cousins” of Mexican government officials, if not the officials themselves

  6. If we waged the war to win, we would win.
    If it’s just another venture for the Military/Industrial Complex, we’d be wise to make them heel in case we are attacked militarily.

    Build the wall.
    Trump’s wall is as brilliant as Reagan’s SDI.

  7. Just send some teams in there and snuff a few of the thug leaders. Really make a mess of them. Deny any responsibility for the carnage. Leave a clear message that this is only round 1.

  8. AMLO’s campaign was financed by cartel money. There is not much in Mexico that is not financed by cartel money. I suspect that theses Mormons were not allowing a thoroughfare to make cartel business easy. Airstrips are necessary in that area.

    Mexico and the cartels are symbiotic. Unfortunately, the cartel money began flowing into our country a very long time ago. Best example are Dems who oppose a border wall. The cartels have deep pockets and the politicians understand that.

  9. Going to war with Mexico could bring a double bonus. Snuffing the cartel goons and dry up an important democrat income stream.

  10. Before we can go into Mexico against the cartels, many of whom have plenty of people embedded within the U.S. (and will retaliate on U.S. soil), we have to secure the land border.

  11. Trump should do what he did with Cuba……place a travel restriction on Americans going to Mexico. Imagine the economic effect of that. Continue the restriction until the cartels are no longer in power.

  12. How is it we can go to war in the mid east but can’t go to war with mehico who actually causes us 10000 times more harm??????????

  13. Gotta side with Mexico on this one. I don’t see a good track record for any country allowing the US to be their next forever wars target. Plus, by now, the cartels literally ARE the Mexican government.

    Now, of course, there is plenty of logic in blowing those fuckers away once they cross our border, with no goddamn mercy whatsoever.

  14. First, secure the border; second, 100% tariff on all goods manufactured in Mexico, including those manufactured under the auspices of domestic corporations. Third, no business OR tourist travel to OR from Mexico. Fourth, any incursions from Mexico are considered an ‘act of war’ and will be responded to with immediate and irrevocable action. Fifth, the Panama Canal is ours; we built it, we’ll run it.

    Okay, I know that last one isn’t about Mexico, but it needs to be addressed. ;D

  15. Aesop at Raconteur Report puts it thusly

    Curiously silent are all those dumbasses who were shrieking and pearl-clutching when then-candidate Trump correctly called many Mexicans criminals and murderers. Where are those voices now, we wonder?

    We’ve been telling people Mexico is a failed state and third-world shithole for twenty years, and their narco-enterprise makes Somalia look organized and civilized by contrast.
    Some people are aghast at Pres. Trump’s offer to co-operate with Mexico in wiping out the cartel, but we see this as evidence of how far the U.S. has fallen. 50 years ago, we would have simply sent two divisions of Marines, the 1st Armored, the 82nd Airborne and the 101st Air Assault divisions south, with orders to stop at the border with Guatemala, and sorted their shit out right quick, permanently, and told the UN and OAS to kiss our shiny white asses in reply if they’d so much as burped about it. Martial law and brick-wall justice by firing squad would end this nonsense in about six months, as most of their citizenry knows exactly who the crooks are; most of them, they elected themselves.

    That pussification of America you keep hearing about?
    This is it, writ large.

    Build the goddam wall, post troops on it, declare a three mile death zone for anything seen moving on the other side to the limit of direct fire weaponry, and round-up the illegal collaborators on this side, and start repatriating them southwards with a trebuchet, or pushed out of C-130s from 5000′ AGL. I don’t care which.
    You’re already fighting cartel skirmishes on this side of the border, and have been for decades. It’s only going to get worse here.
    Get that conflict over with now, while you have a chance to prevail.
    And anybody that thinks legalizing drugs will end this can be placed in the second wave of trebuchet launches, to argue their case in Sinaloa and Michoacan, like the low-IQ fucktards they are.

    If we’re going to have a war on drugs, let’s have a real one, where we use B-52s and napalm.
    I’d give us quite an edge if we went about it that way.
    Clearly, half-assing it for half a century hasn’t worked whatsoever, but the quickest way to end it is to surrender. Exactly as the Mexicans have already done.

    In sum, as noted over at Fran Porretto’s site the other day:
    “You must fight.”

    Not a sharply worded letter to the editor; not at a stupid rally; not at some jackassical street theater that accomplishes nothing but a set-piece ambush to get you killed, injured, arrested, or discredited; but by actually loading weapons and shooting back. (In fact, for the brighter lights, shooting first might be a wiser course of action. Your enemy can’t react well with bullets in his liver. Just saying.)

    Our neighbor to the south is a failed state, one step from open revolution and collapse, and has been for thirty years.
    The media has been lying to you since the 1960s, since they realized they could, and get away with it.
    The deep-state government wants to decapitate, metaphysically or actually, depending on the weather, the only leader that opposes them at every step, and has been owning them for three years, for the only time since the 1980s.
    And their minions – at every level – want to take from you the only means to resist.

    Inevitably, if you let that happen, the boxcars start loading just afterwards.

    I can’t paint the picture any clearer or bloodier.
    Shit is coming down, and it’s going to land on you, no matter where you are, or think you can hide.

    You. Won’t.

    To which I agree 100%. The Mexican criminals in the the USA use our country for toilet and know, if caught, they can work our legal system which at worst will put them in comparative luxury behind bars.

  16. Unless and until the drug consumption problem is attended to in the US and that market remains, the US can use it’s army to crush the cartel organizations but drugs will still get through, at a reduced rate certainly but the flow will increase (using different methods and sources) along with US casualties (car bombs,IEDS, everything you’ve seen in Iraq and Afghanistan). It wouldn’t be long before the left would be screaming for withdrawal along with Mexicans who would also be taking huge casualties. I’m not against US military force directly against the cartels but unless you deal drastically with the drug use problem at home as well it’s likely to turn to a waste of blood and treasure no matter how noble the cause.

  17. The Mexican Prez. can’t afford to turn on the cartels. He’s their de facto cartel “chairman”. He doesn’t have a choice. Therefore, he wouldn’t be able to take up President Trump’s offer without being taken out.
    BTW, That Mormon massacre in Mexico was a warning . The cartels want the territory the Mormons occupy. The twisted hypocrisy – it appears based on their imperialistic constitution and criminal cartels, Mexican tolerance for non-Mexicans is extremely restricted.

  18. DownLO sees the cop who arrested El Chapo’s son get shot 155 times yesterday and is like, eh, violence solves nothing guys. You are breaking your mother’s heart.

    “It marked one of the most embarrassing moments of Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s presidency, forcing the country’s leader to explain why his government returned Guzman to the Sinaloa Cartel: “We can’t value the capture of a criminal more than the lives of people,” he said at a Friday news conference.”

    Do you need to see the paystub? He prefers the head of the crime family to be on the streets.

    A poll took after the gunfight where the cartel fended off the military showed AMLO maintaining a 60+% approval rating.

    Obrador saved his fiery comments for us. “He doesn’t take any goddamn, stinking orders from Washington”.

    Hugs for Thugs and the country agrees.

    It is a rapidly deteriorating failed narcostate. That is all. Anyone who would fight or report has already been killed or fled the country. All that’s left are cowards and criminals.

  19. Spent many weeks, off + on, in Mejico the last 50 years. The gangs/cartels run the place. And have for the last 50 years, at least. I know not about Many but the leader of the 3rd/2nd biggest gang in Mejico is an English Mejicano Vince – who BTW was Presidente a decade back!

    There is an outlawed – of course -group that is fighting (sort of) the gangs that have run the country for decades. they call themselves in American ” The Knights Templar”. And since the gangs have run the place for decades – i repeat for emphasis – the knights are outlawed. But many of the deplorables (La jente) suport the Knights, in a clandestine way.

    The Mexican “Deep State” is run by gang leaders. So the police are not trusted, with good reason IMHO. Which most of you know from the many times “El Chapo” “escaped” from prison. He is not the only gangster who “escapes”.

    I am guessing, but the “suspect” in the Mormon killings is likely a stooge. Paid to take a fall for the actual gangsters who did the killing. Not unique to Mex. The Mafia did it many times in America 90 – 60 years ago.

  20. @Cliche Guevara November 8, 2019 at 3:38 pm

    > All that’s left are cowards and criminals.

    If the “brave” United Statesians who “serve” (in total) had half a Mexican’s (singular) jock sweat of honor, Michael Flynn would have never been on trial.

    Mexicans: Still doing the work Americans are too lazy to do.

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