Mexico: Union protest leaves 6 dead, 100+ injured

EAG: OAXACA, Mexico – Six people are dead and more than 100 injured during a teachers union protest in Oaxaca, Mexico over the weekend, the latest in a years long feud between the union and government.

Members of the National Coordinator of Education Workers union and their supporters hurled stones and Molotov cocktails, burned vehicles, and allegedly fired at police in Nochixlan and other locations in the southern state of Oaxaca on Sunday, the Associated Press reports.  more

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  1. Come norte, mi protesting amigos. Here, the police just lean against the wall and watch you do your stuff.

  2. I always thought that the illegals over here did that stuff on the spur of the minute due to poor impulse control. Now I find that they learn it from the
    teachers and their very organized unions at home before getting here.

  3. So, what the article is really saying is all the Trump protesting violence thus far has just been child’s play and if they get a bit more pissed people may actually die.

    Yesterday they were chucking raw eggs at a Trump supporter but don’t be surprised if it looks like Trump may actually win that the raw eggs are swapped for rocks and Molotov cocktails.

    Obama missed that part when he was going down the list of all the things he was going to do like: lower the seas & heal the world.

  4. “Union officials also face corruption and money laundering charges stemming from allegations they funneled cash from teachers to fund protests and pad their pay while the union controlled payroll between 2013 and 2015”

    That would never happen in the US……oops, never mind.

  5. School rage, school rage
    Using an old mob-rule page
    Fighting and arson’s a union trick
    So get your ass beat with a riot stick.

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