Mexico: Wives should steal their husbands’ guns, to have them destroyed by authorities

Borderland Beat: The Head of Government’s the Voluntary Disarmament program, Miguel Ángel Mancera, called on women, to take advantage when their partners go to work,  destroy  any  weapons that are in the  home..

“Ladies, when the husband goes to work, remove those weapons and we will take care of destroying them.”

“Mothers,  you have to take those weapons out of the house, to the grandmothers who have helped us a lot, I’ll never forget a grandmother who said, after  taking advantage when she was alone, ‘here I bring you this gift’, and arrived  with five long guns.”

Starting today and until next February 1, the Metropolitan Cathedral will be able to accept  firearms and cartridges, which will be destroyed by the country’s military forces and in return the citizens will receive monetary compensation.  more

18 Comments on Mexico: Wives should steal their husbands’ guns, to have them destroyed by authorities

  1. The policia will just turn around & sell them for a profit to a gangster. We don’t have 30 million illegals from Mexico because it’s a good place to live.

  2. Over 23,000 murders in mexico for 2017.

    It’s politically correct to blame the gun and not the person behind it. Corruption, drug cartels, criminal gangs, corrupt government are the majority of culprits.

    With illegal immigration, the murders in Mexico should be reduced and a corresponding increase in US murders will result.

    And Congress still haven’t approved building the wall and protecting US citizens from criminal illegal immigrants streaming through our border.

  3. A disarmed population is a subject population.

    Hard to believe that the mexicans could be more oppressed than they are, but I guess the human penchant for self-destruction (alloyed with a slave mentality) will lead them even further down the road to serfdom.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. “in return the citizens will receive monetary compensation”

    they will need it to buy a gun to protect themselves from irate husbands and ms13 gangs.

  5. Future headline: Domestic violence cases skyrocket for some unknown reason. Street gangsterism increases, thugs feel emboldened.

  6. I thought gender was a social construct? Wouldn’t just as many husbands want their families disarmed? To better submit to the general suffrage government?

  7. @Vietvet January 23, 2018 at 10:34 am

    > Sounds like a quick way to turn gun owners into spouse murderers.

    I thought taking a shovel to somebody that grabbed your gun was still self-defense.


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