Mexico’s Lopez Obrador Rejects U.S. Intervention To Curb Cartel Violence

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UPDATED 7:59 AM PT — Monday, December 2, 2019

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has denounced President Trump’s latest proposals to crack down on drug cartels. On Sunday, the Mexican leader said a deployment of U.S. forces in Mexico would amount to a “foreign intervention” and would be unacceptable.

Lopez Obrador promised to deliver justice to the victims of cartel violence, and said he’s only open to security cooperation with the U.S. This comes after President Trump said he would designate cartels as “terror organizations” in response to the murder of a U.S. Mormon family in Mexico.

“We thank President Donald Trump for his expressed solidarity after the painful events involving the American-Mexican families,” stated the Mexican president. “We recognize that in both cases, the U.S. President, offered us help and respect.” read more

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  1. The only way Obrador will deliver justice is if he mounts a full scale military “invasion” of his own country. But he cannot do that because just about everyone is on the take in Mexico. Plus, the drug trade is probably 1/2 of the GDP so he really doesn’t want it eliminated, just pacified.

    Build the wall baby
    Build it tall
    Can they climb it, maybe
    Shoot ’em all

  2. these people have been Kleptocrats for over 500 years of Spanish rule … & they’re not gonna stop now because a temporary US president is slowing down their absolute rule over the conquered indigenous people

    … after all, the Aztecs took over the local people’s land

  3. Better said is, “The only way Trump will deliver justice is if he mounts a full scale military “invasion” of his own country.”

    Why not go after the drug cartels established in the USA? Like in the national parks. Why not arrest and imprison Eric Holder and Obama for gun selling treason already? Because these cartel criminals are in cahoots with the US politicians and law enforcement agencies. The US is no better than alleged Mexico. The Las Vegas massacre was a real life proof of that. Las Vegas was likely a cartel territorial war covered up by the FBI and the scared Sheriff Lombardo. Drug profits ensnare all of them. Even our whole Congress is nothing more than white collar mobsters out for all the profits they can get. And the wealthy banksters that launder mass quantities of drug money that comes from S. America cocaine and Afghanistan heroin. Go get them all, Trump! Never!

  4. Obrador IS the cartel, at least to the point that the cartel is allowed to operate as they wish because they BUY OFF Obrador.

  5. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ: Kleptoparasitism is common in the USA as well, it is a common trait of politicians, particularly in Democrats.

  6. Putting some facts into the opinion. Clean out the USA criminals before trying to invade and control Mexico’s by warfare.

    George H. Walker Bush: The Bush Family and the Mexican Drug Cartel
    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
    Global Research, December 01, 2019
    “What is the intent?
    Create a justification for US-led “counterterrorism” (military) operations inside Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America?
    Extend the “War on Terrorism” to Latin America? “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P). Go after the “Narco-terrorists”.

    The unspoken truth is:
    1. Al Qaeda and its related terrorist organizations (including ISIS) in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia are creations of the CIA.

    2. The CIA protects the multibillion dollar global drug trade as well as the Mexican drug cartels. Moreover, it is estimated that 300 billion dollars (annually) worth of drug money is routinely laundered in casinos across America including Las Vegas and Atlantic City… As well as in Macau. Guess who is the World’s richest casino owner.

    4. Both American and Latin American politicians are known to have ties to the drug trade.

    Flash back to the 1990s: George H. W. Bush, the dad of Bush Junior had developed close personal ties with Carlos Salinas de Gortari (former president of Mexico) and his dad Raul Salinas Lozano who, according to the Dallas Morning News (February 27, 1997) was “a leading figure in narcotics dealings that also involved his son, Raul Salinas de Gortari… And Raul was an intimo amigo of Jeb Bush, (former Governor of Florida) and the brother of George W, Bush. ”

  7. Mexico’s leaders are part of the swamp. Apparently, the cartels are part of the ruling class: perhaps there to keep Mexico as a drug money conduit for the swamp and to provide a steady stream of Democrat voters.

  8. In order to completely get rid of the corruption, our special forces would have to selectively eliminate 10 out of every 10 people in Mexico.

  9. Democrats will try to impeach President Trump because he DIDN’T offer Lopez Obrador a better quid pro quo than the cartels.

  10. AMLO is polling in the mid-60s job approval wise after his first year because he is bypassing the welfare agencies and sending out cash payments to deadbeats.

    Year 1 is working out great. I would wager by Year 2 or 3 that he’ll run out of other people’s money and it will be because the rich are too greedy. That’s the script, right?

  11. All the conspiracies we thought were crazy are all being shown by Trump’s election to be true.

    Anyone have new thoughts on then 9/11 attacks?


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