MI: Forensic Audit Finds Dominion Intentionally Generates Errors To Enhance Opportunity To Cheat – IOTW Report

MI: Forensic Audit Finds Dominion Intentionally Generates Errors To Enhance Opportunity To Cheat


According to the audit:

“We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.

The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors. The electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication. The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail. This leads to voter or election fraud.

Based on our study, we conclude that The Dominion Voting System should not be used in Michigan. We further conclude that the results of Antrim County should not have been certified.

[…] The allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is of 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%). We observed an error rate of 68.05%. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity.


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  1. We’ve known for YEARS that those voting machines were corrupt. This is why the dems brushed it off as a conspiracy theory – because they were planning to use it to cheat – why they weren’t worried about campaigning in 2020. The dems were the ones who pushed these machines – so you had to know there was something effed up about them.

  2. If accepted by the court and relief granted, I can’t see anything other than a verified hand recount of the ballots being ordered.

    This should provide definitive answers as to the real and total vote count.

  3. A hand recount of all complete ballots on hand at 12 PM on third. Nothing beyond legal voting day. As a policeman said on COPS: “Nothing good happens after midnight”.

  4. In a sane world, the report on Antrim County would be enough to force examination of all Counties in the State, and suspension of naming Electors until such analysis is concluded.

    The false statements by the MI Sec of State ought to disqualify her from office at the very least. The use of Ranked Choice tabulation discovered here should call into question all machine tabulated totals by Dominion systems. Ranked Choice is the favored method of self-named “progressives” to produce a desired outcome behind the scenes on the pretext that it somehow better represents the wishes of the voters than straight-up counting.

    It becomes clearer by the day that the Democrat party and their running dog lackeys engaged in an all-out assault on the 2020 Presidential election by every means available. They hoped that the appearance of an overwhelming victory and the consequent media blitz as a fait accompli would stun the opposition into silence and compliance. They did not count on the titanium backbone of Donald Trump to resist and to rally his supporters for megaMAGA pushback.

  5. I had to vote twice. My first ballot in my podunk town was rejected by Dominion because it said I didn’t color in the dots all the way. So, they returned my ballot to me to re-color those in. I did, and still the machine refused to accept my ballot. So they gave me a NEW ballot and a different ball point pen, and wrote ‘spoiled’ on my original ballot. I voted again, and the machine finally accepted my ballot. The guy working the machine said to me, a similar situation happened to a guy earlier in the morning. I voted around 10am.


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