MI Gov. Whitmer’s “Dam” Problem

She has been Michigan’s governor for two years. Don’t believe her when she blames the prior (R) administration.

Michigan authorities failed to secure
inspection report on dam before its collapse

Just the News – Owners of the Edenville Dam in central Michigan — a structure that catastrophically failed this week amid torrential downpours, forcing the evacuation of thousands of residents — were not required under state law to submit regular safety inspection reports to state regulators.

The state, meanwhile, failed to secure an external safety report on the dam in March. While officials asked the dam’s owners, Boyce Hydro, when the government could expect delivery of the overdue inspection report, a state government spokesman admitted he had no information regarding any response to the inquiry.

A “fact sheet” on the Michigan government website states that dam safety inspection programs generally do not fall under the purview of state officials. “Regular operational inspections are typically conducted by the owner or the operator of a dam,” the document states. “These inspections should involve visual inspection of the dam, along with the recording of data obtained from staff gauges or other instrumentation on-site.”

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  1. Hey Reich-hag, more Inspector/Engineers, fewer Diversity Officers in state government would help.

  2. These Dem governors have sure made themselves well known.
    And not with impressive management.
    But with incompetence and oppressive rules.
    Americans – You get what you vote for.

  3. “Following the dam’s failure, Boyce pointed a finger at the Michigan attorney general’s office, claiming in a statement to media that authorities had threatened to sue the company if they did not raise levels in the dam’s reservoir out of concern for downstream mussel populations.”

    The attorney general’s office is denying this as “categorically false” but it has an absolutely ring of truth to it when you consider Democrats’ zeal for protecting animals to the detriment of humans. I hope Boyce can back up their allegations.

  4. I’ll take it all the way back to the Ankle-Grabbing, Phoney-Baloney, Plastic Banana Republic Manchurian Doorknob and his VP Jackass Joe who bragged about “shovel ready jobs” and “infrastructure” upgrades that never happened!!

  5. The dam owners were going to lower the water elevation, but were blocked by the state which yielded to pressure from environmental groups AND affluent property owners along the lake shore who would have been denied use of their boats. When the dam owners get sued, I hope they counter sue the state. Lots of blame to go around. Nobody is clean in this deal.

  6. Two years and we’ve gone from “Fix the damn roads!”, to ‘Fix the dams AND the roads’.
    I’m terrified to see what she has planned for our infrastructure in the next 2 years.
    We are going to look like we’ve been bombed.

  7. Here’s a campaign slogan for Retchin’ Gretchen’s political opponent.

    Whitmer Doesn’t Give A Dam About You

  8. @Mr. Anth Ropy May 24, 2020 at 12:47 pm

    > Americans – You get what you vote for.

    And you vote for what the United States allows.

  9. ode to MI #6, royal-boater edition:
    .the “spouse” of gub-ner half-wit
    .thought he was really hot s**t
    .”axed” to get in line 1st,
    .got told to suck on his “wurst”
    .another entitled dim-twit!

  10. put a mask on the bitch and throw her in the clink

    “Regular operational inspections are typically conducted by the owner or the operator…”
    Isn’t that what the fbi and dnc do?
    ‘I investigated myself and I’m innocent.’ lol
    even biden will be using that now.

  11. My favorite Internal Mediccine doctor is from Michigan, but sadly he is a democrat. I can’t recall how I learned that, so I avoid politics. Besides, it is a doctors office, not a gay bar.

  12. MissInMi May 24, 2020 at 1:04 pm

    “We are going to look like we’ve been bombed”

    That statement may be prophetic..

  13. If a multipurpose dam has flood control functions, you really roll the dice when you compromise those for anything else (eg fish). There were no breaches but this sort of thing happened on missouri river last year. Gotta lower the water levels enough ‘just in case’. This pisses off a lot of people but ts elected officials need to explain this. We also need to put a lot more $$ into dam repair a huge % if dams in thus country are older than their ‘design life’.

  14. So the state told them to raise water levels. Sigh. Not the first time thats happened. Warnings about possible floods have gone unheeded before.
    None of this has a damned thing to do w ‘climate change’ btw

  15. I’ve never heard of a state where the owner of a dam was responsible for the safety inspection. In most states a private dam is inspected by the state engineers office. Federally owned dams are inspected by the controlling agency. I used to be a safety of dams inspector for the the US Fish and Wildlife Service. We were a bunch of civil engineers working for an agency run by biologists so there was lots of conflict between us. Imagine a refuge manager hearing that he has to drop his reservoir level because it failed a safety inspection! But if there was any chance of loss of life or damage to property there was no question – the reservoir was going to be drained until repairs were done. End of story! I nearly choked when I watched pictures form a high hazard dam (meaning there are people downstream) that had an unsatisfactory rating! I told the hubby that there were going to be lots of lawsuits flying on this one.

  16. First day of Geology: Teacher comes into class and says “If you learn nothing else in this class learn this: Don’t build your house in a flood plain!”

  17. In Michigan…
    Gov. Half Whitmer’s ban on boating. seems quite reasonable,
    She does not want to decimate the fish population with Covid 19,
    The eldest fish will be hardest hit and there is no evidence of inter species transmission,
    She does not want this theoretical disaster to happen in her state.


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