MI Governor Witless Gives Bonus to State Workers

Lansing State Journal – State employees who work directly with the public will get bonus pay during the coronavirus pandemic.

Approximately 10,000 state employees working in prisons, state hospitals, veterans homes and law enforcement will get $750 biweekly pay premiums “in recognition of the nature of their work,” State Employer Liza Estlund-Olson said in a statement Saturday.

The State Employer and state worker unions agreed to the premiums “to recognize state employees who continue to fulfill their duties on behalf of the state face-to-face with the public and customers at jobs where social distancing may not always be possible and where they cannot work from home,” State Budget Office spokesperson Kurt Weiss said in an email. [snip]

The bonuses will be paid with federal money.

Read it here.

h/t tctsunami: “…seems Whitmer has no qualms about spending federal money as a bonus for state workers that still meet with the public.”

“What about all the Doctors, nurses, EMT’s and Paramedics out there? And all the law enforcement working and being exposted to the public? Of course, the union is part of it. Federal money for thee but not for me.”

10 Comments on MI Governor Witless Gives Bonus to State Workers

  1. Buying votes of democrat union members – that WEmpay for.

    When it comes to the left, follow the money. No side is greedier.

  2. Yep, bonuses for the people enforcing the rules mandating we be unable to make a living and pay our bills.

  3. Meanwhile those of us that want to work and be in public are forced to stay home and get the big goose egg along with threats of law enforcement for breaking so called rules.

  4. Who likes this idea? Since the government has decreed that I can’t earn a living I submit that NOBODY should be able to earn a living. No checks for anybody until the lock down is lifted. That includes you Grandpa. No SS checks either. Let’s ALL share the pain. Any bets on how soon we would all be back to work?

  5. Working you ass off in the private sector doesn’t pay anywhere near as well as sitting on your ass in the public sector.

  6. This woman has no timing and does not understand the politics of optics. But no fear, she is a Dem and gets a pass


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