Mia Farrow Celebrates Illegal Alien Jumping ‘Trump’s Stupid Wall’ as ‘Triumph of Human Spirit’

Hate to burst your bubble, dearie…


[…] U.S. Border Patrol, though, noted that the illegal alien was immediately arrested and detained by agents once he dropped down to the American side of the border. The newly constructed barrier, an agent said, worked exactly as intended — to stop and slow border crossers down, giving agents enough time to respond. more

SNIP: Yikes! When did Mia Farrow turn into Ozzy Osbourne?

22 Comments on Mia Farrow Celebrates Illegal Alien Jumping ‘Trump’s Stupid Wall’ as ‘Triumph of Human Spirit’

  1. OMG if I looked like that I would NOT go out in PUBLIC!

    Sometimes you CAN judge a book by its’ cover…

    Just the facts ma’am.

  2. Maybe if one of them climbed across the wall of her estate she might sing a different tune.

    And what about the human spirit of expecting one’s government to protect them?

  3. Is this the scary ugly old battle axe who was fucking the pervert Woody Allen?

    Well, allllrighty then! I’d rather be gay!

  4. This woman has been a nutcase since the 60s. Can you imagine how screwed up her head is now. It just goes to show how unbalanced the left is. God save America.

  5. Shoot the invaders! I’m serious. Give it 30 days and this story will be almost over. Deputize me, I’m getting old, my working career is coming to an end in a few years. But I’ll damn sure spend my time and money helping to shut the invasion down. My kids and grandkids need a safe country to raise their families in.

    “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”
    ― Thomas Paine

  6. she could be a poster woman for bad cosmetic surgery.
    one more face lift and she will have thicker eyebrows

  7. And if the border jumper happened to be a young teenage girl instead, it would be Woody protesting instead of her.

  8. What’s with these old celebs trying to be relevant?
    Farrow, Fonda, etc.
    They can’t seem to function without public attention.

  9. It’s doubtful she’ll get an acting gig by going to some producer’s hotel suite. She wouldn’t even get in the door.

    There are few parts in Hollywood for unattractive, wrinkled old hound dogs like her. So she barks and bays for more diseased illegal immigrants, hoping someone will notice her.

    Even pervert Woody Allen left her, so she must be a fairly useless individual.

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