Miami Beach Issues State of Emergency, Curfew Following Weekend of Deadly Shootings – IOTW Report

Miami Beach Issues State of Emergency, Curfew Following Weekend of Deadly Shootings

Hey Coasties, how thick is the Spring Break stupid in your areas? Anything to report?

NBC Miami: The City of Miami Beach has issued a state of emergency and set an 11:59 p.m. curfew after a tumultuous weekend of deadly shootings.

The measures come after a man died and another man was injured in a shooting in South Beach Friday night, and another deadly shooting in Miami Beach early Sunday morning.

The state of emergency and curfew were set to take effect on Sunday through 6 a.m. Monday. City officials intend to impose similar additional curfew restrictions from Thursday through Monday.

The city will hold a special commission meeting Monday at 4 p.m. to discuss restrictions moving forward.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said in a video message posted Sunday that the crowds and presence of numerous firearms have “created a peril that cannot go unchecked” despite massive police presence and many city-sponsored activities meant to keep people busy. more

Fight clubs hit Florida beaches during spring break.

19 Comments on Miami Beach Issues State of Emergency, Curfew Following Weekend of Deadly Shootings

  1. I would take bullet-dodging Maimi over anywhere in Mexico any day.

  2. Give white people a pile of rocks and you’ll get a city, Give black people a city and you’ll get a pile of rocks.

  3. The MSM is in a bind, they love this happening in Florida but they hate that it’s 99% blacks causing the trouble.
    Solution? Show old footage of Whitey on the beach…

  4. OT

    RDS just addressed the Trump indictment issue, this guy is good;

    ht tps://

  5. I used to go to spring break all the time. Never a single problem. What’s changed? /sarc

  6. There is literally nothing that black people can’t fuck up. They literally ruin everything they touch once they are allowed access in large numbers. Any crowd of blacks will turn to a violent mob within minutes because there is a permanent subset of blacks who are stupid feral monsters who literally can’t help but to do mindless violence and thievery for no reason at all.

    There are people of other races like this but in nowhere near the ratio that exists in the black population. The US doesn’t have race problems. We have a problem race. And the biggest lie our government ever told us was that Segregation didn’t happen for a damn good reason.

  7. Responsibility and the fact that these Peter Pan’s (both black and white) have to grow up and become productive members of society and quit being leeches.

  8. I chose to stay away from S. Padre for the next month just to avoid the college set. It’s a nice place to visit and the weather is not too bad when the wind is right. The current generation has a cruel joke going on regarding who looks good in a bikini too.

  9. The “college set” ain’t the problem. The ghetto set is.

  10. “There’s a lot of fights that go on, but there’s a lot of drinking as well.”

    Shouldn’t that be “and”?

  11. Went to the World Games this weekend, it is also Black College Spring Break, it is now Miami’s turn to run them out. Daytona and Panama City have outlawed BCSB

  12. Back in the late 80’s a street party in Atlanta gained popularity getting bigger and wilder. In the 90’s Freaknik was a “no-rules” spring brake party somewhere in the ATL. The venue kept getting moved due to the criminal activity in that area increase 50 to 100 fold for the week leading up to, during and the week after. I am not sure how it was done away with but no civilized society should have to put up with the crap that went on during the heyday of Freaknik.

  13. Tsquared, I lived through the Freaknik era in Atlanta. It went away because after year one, county cops and the HSP started intercepting freaknik caravans as they came into Georgia doing 90-100 mph. Whole groups were detained for a couple of hours and ticketed or jailed as necessary. This harshed the buzz and slowed the momentum of the swarm into predetermined meetup spots.

    And those who made it through that gauntlet found that city cops knew their destinations and had blocked their routes with detours and road closures which stymied most of the mob, since they were from out of town and didn’t know their way around. Remember, this was before social media and widespread cell phone usage, so there was no instant recovery and moves to backup party spots.

    Word got around after that, and the mob moved back to places like Virginia Beach, where they could practice their mayhem with more freedom. I have to credit the city and state with being creative and firm without being brutal and successfully repelling a bunch of vulgar, arrogant, entitled assholes with law enforcement ju jitsu.

  14. Joey Shabado,

    I respectfully Disagree.

    Rocks = Smashed Windows.

  15. You think Spring Jail Break is bad in Miami because of the Ghetto Thugs from the surrounding hoods crossing over the bridges into Miami Beach? Just wait for the upcoming Urban/Memorial Weekend when the crowd consists of a throng fine upstanding black college students (who on the whole can’t read, write, or count, come pouring into Miami Beach along with the usual inrush of feral ghetto thugs from Da Hood. This is just a warm up. Anyone who lives and works in Miami Beach leaves town if they can.

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