Miami Is Declared Zika-Free


The city of Miami and the South Beach area are now free of locally transmitted Zika virus, Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced — meaning Florida has no local transmission, CNN reported.

Locally transmitted cases, in which people are bitten by mosquitoes that are carrying Zika, started in the area in July.

“Our state has no local transmission, so we welcome all tourists to come enjoy our weather and our beaches,” Scott said in a statement. “This state is open for business.”

Overall, the Florida Department of Health reported 249 locally transmitted cases of the virus.

“I want to remind everyone that disruption of local transmission is extremely significant, but we must be vigilant,” said Dr. Celeste Philip, state surgeon general and secretary of the Florida DOH, according to CNN.

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6 Comments on Miami Is Declared Zika-Free

  1. For the record, Chicago is free of Zika too with the freezing weather and all. In addition, shootings are down for the same reason. If Illinois tourism would advertise these facts, the state might make enough money this winter to cover unfunded pensions for a couple hours.

  2. Yeah, somebody told the mosquitoes where BFH is living and they’ve left Miami and are swarming towards Mr. Hat

  3. Zika isn’t nor ever was a threat. With symptoms like “fever” and “headache” and the ever dreaded “conjunctivitis”, this one was a no-go from the start. Just another attempt by Uncle Sam to scare the ignorant masses into loosening those purse strings.

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