Michael Avenatti Gets “Loomered” at Politicon!

Our friend Laura Loomer scores again with a confrontation with lawyer Michael Avenatti


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12 Comments on Michael Avenatti Gets “Loomered” at Politicon!

  1. I hate that bastard with smoldering fire but I can’t stand the tactic of holding your cellphone in someone’s face to film/interview them.
    That wasn’t really an interview, it was an interrogation.
    It couldn’t happen to a bigger asshole but I hate borrowing the asinine tactics of the left.

    Please find a better way, Laura.

  2. Oddly enough the drag queen with the blond wig and leopard print top said something about…

    “You’re are Pimp Micheal. A male chauvnistic pimp”

    And the Blond had to remind the DickHead who IS the President.

    “He’s your President too.”

    Then a real Dickhead takes a proud pic, with his son, with a piece of TRASH. Sick.


  3. Wish someone would turn this rabid Gopher looking POS in at SPCA. At least a hold period would be enforced let alone being humanely put down.

  4. Laura needs a Bluetooth enabled body-cam like the po-lice wear.
    It would make her interviews seems less confrontational.
    When Tucker Carlson interviewed the creepy porn lawyer he dropped the ball by coming on too strong.
    If you let these dumb, arrogant motherfuckers talk, they will hang themselves.
    Weaponizing the interview process is counterproductive.
    Trust Loco on this.

  5. This guy would last about 2 minutes in any local bar in the country before someone decked him. He has that smart ass attitude that quickly gets under peoples skin and has a chip on his shoulder begging for someone to knock it off. There would probably be lines forming for a chance.


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