Michael Avenatti: The jackass, dissected

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Get a load of National Review’s Kyle Smith and his hilarious vivisection of Michael Avenatti, whose rise and fall show just how absurd he and his Democratic cheerleaders always were.  Here’s the start of the piece and don’t tell me you don’t want to read further:

Remember when Michael Avenatti was the Democrats’ big hope for 2020?  He wasn’t just that, though.  Parachuting in to launch his presidential campaign to the DNC’s “Ethnic Council” and its black caucus in Chicago in August, he enthusiastically adopted the party’s guiltspeak.  “People that look like me, white men, we need to stand up,” he told his minority audience, exactly the kind of cost-free identity-politics self-castigation without which no Democrat can hope to rise very far.  In the same month, Avenatti spoke at the “Democratic Wing Ding” dinner in Iowa and announced plans to visit at least 20 more states.

The response was fanatical.  Avenatti was hailed as a hybrid attack dog and sex god.  All Democrats bowed to the Trumpslayer.  Picture a two-fisted, high-T version of 2008 Barack Obama, and you’ll have some idea of how professional Democrats viewed him as they rushed to polish his boots with their tongues.  “Hottie Avenatti” became a meme. … “Unprompted, several Democrats admiringly discussed Avenatti’s physique to VICE News,” ran one reporter’s account, noting that “I have a thing for bald guys” was a typical remark.  (Great news, Joe Biden, you can take out your plugs!)  MORE

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  1. Great article about Avenatti, but as I read thru it all I could think about were all the dumbed-down, teeth-gnashing, pearl-clutching, bead-strumming, self-absorbed, White guilt-ridden, bottled-water-drinking, Politically Correct, media-obsessed, spoon-fed, Trump-hating, moisterizing-metro-sexuals, hypocrites, fools, suckers and progressive Rats blindly following this acrimonious Pied Piper of avarice. It sez far more about the gullible idiots in the democRAT party being led down the path by the nose ring than it does about this snake-oil peddler! He just showed up for the opportunity like a fly gets attracted to flypaper… or something else!

  2. Modern day Harold Hill, this one sells lawsuits, not musical instruments.
    Lawsuits, lawsuits I tell you, right here in Washington DC! apologies to Meredith Willson


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