Michael Cohen Taken Back Into Custody


Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal attorney later jailed for fraud, has been taken back into federal custody after allegedly violating the terms of his COVID-related release, his attorney said Thursday.

Cohen apparently declined to sign a Bureau of Prisons document related to his release that would have restricted his ability to write a book or conduct media appearances. It was at that point that the BOP decided to remand him to custody.

Earlier this month, Cohen was captured in photos by the New York Post dining out at a Manhattan restaurant, which led to speculation he could be returned to prison for violating the conditions of his release. more

15 Comments on Michael Cohen Taken Back Into Custody

  1. One of the dumbest Shysters in a city full of Shysters is back where he belongs. I hope he enjoyed that expensive dinner, because he’s not likely to find its equal in prison. What a dumbass!

  2. Mayor Lardass Deblah’sio of NY has now mandated that all large gatherings are prohibited in New York till September except blm protests. Those are acceptable.

    If the republican party takes this shit lying down, then i ask…..

    why am i supposed to vote for them?

    I am going to reregister in an anarchist party if i can find one. If not, independent here i come.

    To remain registered in a party that does absolutely nothing for me is beyond ridiculous. They are content to have me locked in my house by democrats while democrat constituents run loose and threaten to beat or rob me if i come out.

    Mitch is probably having a martini.

  3. He has the facial appearance of someone that’s not to bright and if that isn’t clue enough the idiot proves it by his reckless behavior.

  4. He worked for Bad Orange Man…he has to go to prison for that. If he worked for virtually any lib he would be given a place in their hall of fame.

  5. What’s that saying? “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes”. After first declining the agreement the court presented, he begged to sign once the cuffs were being put on.

  6. Cohen seems like kind of a stupid fuck. If he’s under house arrest in blue city filled with social media connected assholes who want to see him die in prison, then why did he think he could go out? Does he not understand that he is a target of the TDS crows?

  7. Barr’s priorities are apparent. And the witch clinton remains free.

    As yes, you have to be a glutton for punishmsnt to send money to the GOP or remain registered for.it.

  8. I have been foolishly content all these years to be a small town lawyer making just enough to live comfortably. Had I only been possessed with mediocre ability and atrophied morals, I could have hired a PR firm right out of law school touting myself as the Greatest Lawyer Evah and be sitting in prison now.

  9. Cohen wasn’t bright enough to realize that once the Dims have used you then they throw you away like a used tissue.


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