Michael Flynn hires Sidney Powell as new counsel

The Hill: 

Former national security advisor Mike Flynn has hired attorney Sidney Powell as his new counsel, Hill.TV has learned.

“I’m honored to be representing General Flynn, who I’ve long considered an American hero. The General and his family want to thank everyone across the country for their cards and contributions to his legal defense fund. He is going to continue to cooperate with the government, pursuant to his plea agreement,” Powell told Hill.TV in a phone call.

Powell is author of the new book “Licensed to Lie, Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice.” The book’s description reads, “Licensed to Lie reveals the strong-arm, illegal, and unethical tactics used by headline-grabbing federal prosecutors in their narcissistic pursuit of power to the highest halls of our government” and focuses on the conduct of the Justice Department during the Enron investigation in the mid-2000s.

Powell is a frequent presence on the Fox News and prominent critic of Mueller’s investigation.

Flynn terminated Covington & Burling LLP as his counsel last week. The former national security advisor plead guilty last year to lying to the FBI and agreed to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation. Flynn’s sentencing has been delayed on several occasions.

9 Comments on Michael Flynn hires Sidney Powell as new counsel

  1. Sounds like he’s decided to go on the offence. He’s made a really superb choice of weapons.

  2. That’s one mighty impressive lady. I like her level of outrage when she’s talking/writing about abusive govt., and her anger doesn’t interfere with her first-class thinking. Good choice, Gen. Flynn!

  3. Uncle Al — Excellent description of Powell.

    Over the past decade we’ve all heard and have been encouraged by the eloquence of certain pols and pundits only to have our hopes dashed on the rocks of “all hat and no cattle.” Sydney Powell is a very different sort. You really do have a sense of her mission. It’s been often said that we could never replicate the caliber of the character and ability of the Founders, but lately we’ve beheld a number of people who have been born for a time such as this. Sydney Powell is one of those.

  4. She’s a very gifted Attorney and exudes integrity which isn’t what we see much of these days. The opposition better bring their A game!

  5. “Flynn’s sentencing has been delayed on several occasions”

    I guess the constitution only guarantees a speedy TRIAL; the sentencing can take forever.


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