Michael Jackson’s “Moon Walk” Socks Could Fetch $2 Million


Almost 40 years after Michael Jackson performed his iconic moonwalk for the first time on stage, one fan could get to relive the experience.

The custom-made, crystal-covered socks Jackson wore at the legendary “Motown: 25 Yesterday, Today and Forever” TV special in 1983 are now hitting the auction block. More

The perhaps even more iconic left hand glove sold ten years ago for $350,000 and is reportedly on display in a Michael Jackson museum in Macau.

15 Comments on Michael Jackson’s “Moon Walk” Socks Could Fetch $2 Million

  1. Watching the video and I realized what a debt MJ owed Sammy Davis, Jr.
    Sammy, at his finest, would have danced the socks off of Michael at his peak.

  2. The little perverted child molester belonged in a jail cell or a mental hospital. Hard to believe that Jackson was accepted as a great and talented artist instead of being treated as a social pariah. I can remember when celebrities were expected to conform to moral standards in order to get air time.

  3. Michael Jackson was one weird and flawed human being. That said, he had talent. Shitloads of it. From what I’ve read written by people who worked with him in music production, he worked as hard and to the same standard he demanded of every one else involved.

    I can respect that.

    But did he have to be such a freak about young kids?

  4. I’m pretty sure he was molested from an early age, that will twist your noodle for life. People like Epstein, Cosby, Weinstein and many others. Many knew but did nothing. These are the people that think their opinions matter because they’re famous.

  5. Not forgiving what this man did to children I still have some sympathy for him since he was the breadwinner for his family (and a huge army of hanger-ons and leeches) from around 6 years old. The pressure must have been incredible. Betrayed by his parents who should have been protecting him and by his siblings who were jealous of him he ended up thrown to the wolves without proper guidance and nobody to say NO to him. Sued by one of his victims for big bucks then everything hushed up to protect their mealticket and losing a chance at some therapy which may have changed his life (and a lot of others). Frankly I’m surprised he just didn’t put a bullet in his head before he started up with the kids. God would have forgiven him.


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