Michael Moore tells fractured nation to choose between him, or Trump

Alternate title: Michael Moore plays chicken… Then eats it.

Michelle Malkin:

**Written by Doug Powers

With the Russia collusion case falling apart before it could even be constructed, the Democrats continue to look for anything they can find to add to the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. For now they’re down to “We have to or Michael Moore will leave the country.”

Far-left political activist and film-maker Michael Moore is about to debut on Broadway, in a show called “The Terms of My Surrender.”

On Wednesday night, Moore discussed the show with Stephen Colbert, who asked him – “What are the terms of Michael Moore’s surrender?”  MORE

20 Comments on Michael Moore tells fractured nation to choose between him, or Trump

  1. One of his quotes during this Lib Shit Show. “I will not live in a country where Donald Trump is President. However, I’m not moving”.


  2. He should leave the country in a blimp. Any direction AWAY from th US is good.

    Mike, eat more please. Not fat enough.

  3. seriously, what iq is required to be a permanent fat fuck with no comprehension of weight loss

    a capitalist and glutton, lmfao

  4. Just for fun we should have a Trump/Trump Admin Scandal contest. The entries would be one or two sentences of what the pipeline of bogus claims made by the Left against Trump will be. lol!

    For example: Senior Trump staffer diverted hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations to an offshore account.


    Kelly Ann Conway abandons husband and children to 20 hour days at WH. Why is she spending so much time “in conference” with Steve Bannon?

  5. Soooooo? Aaaaaaaand? You haven’t left yet already? Or is this another broken promise like half of Hollyweird moving to Canadia?

  6. When he has a heart attack, there will not be a gurney strong enough to hold his body weight. A block and tackle will be required, or 10 very strong firemen to move this sack of crap.

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