Michael P Kortan Quits FBI

Conservative Treehouse: Another longtime FBI official quits today. According to Fox News Catherine Herridge reporting, FBI Asst. Director Michael Kortan (aka text message “Mike”), the head of the FBI Public Affairs Office, has announced he is retiring.

Mike Kortan was previously exposed by FBI Agent Peter Strozok as having specific information that the investigation into Hillary Clinton was manipulated by the “small group”. “Mike’s”  job was to sell the ruse as a valid investigation.

WASHINGTON – The longtime head of public affairs at the FBI — who was a confidant of former director James Comey — is planning to retire, Fox News has learned.

A notice went out this week for a retirement get-together for Michael Kortan scheduled for Feb. 15. Since 2009, Kortan has served as assistant director for public affairs, an influential job that controlled media access. He also served under former director Robert Mueller, now leading the Russia probe.

The FBI confirmed to Fox News that Kortan is retiring.

It’s unclear whether the retirement was long-planned or in any way precipitated by recent events. The FBI emphasized he was finishing 33 years of service. (read more)

Boy-o-boy this prior Peter Strzok tweet, as read by Bob Goodlatte on January 25th, is striking a nerve:  READ MORE

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  1. Another one gone… Does the last man standing get stuck with the hot potato?!?!

    To quote the world famous philosopher and poet F. Mercury,
    “Another one bites the dust.”

  2. Which one has decided to cooperate with the Inspector General and the Intelligence Committees? Sundance has a candidate. Someone is talking. Someone has jumped the sinking, stinking ship and made a deal. It won’t be long now, and the whole world is going to know his name. It will be much harder for the MSDM to ignore this story then. This may be why the IG’s report was delayed. There are more leads to follow now.

  3. It’s been over a year and I don’t see anyone in jail yet much less swinging from the rafters.

    Or even the threat of jail. Or losing a pension.

    All these assholes do is talk because they don’t know how to do anything.

    Jimmy Carter infamously intoned about a “Crisis of Confidence”. What I am seeing is a Crisis of Competence.

    Specifically, a lack thereof.

  4. Time to break out the twitter template again, Comey…

    “Special Agent MIKE KORDAN stood tall over the last 8 months, when small people were trying to tear down an institution we all depend on. He served with distinction for two decades. I wish MIKE well. I also wish continued strength for the rest of the FBI. America needs you.”

  5. @Deplorable B Woodman February 9, 2018 at 5:46 am

    > Retired or not, still subpoenable.

    Yes. But a freshly minted “civilian” (with special weapon privileges — suck it proles!) can exercise his Constitutional rights (suck it show trial barkers!), without endangering his pay scale (suck it taxpayers!).

  6. I want to know who in the FBI and DoJ worked with the State Department to arrest and jail Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the man who made the video they all blamed for the attack in Benghazi. This is one of the worst bald-faced travesties of justice, ever, in this country, and yet everyone, including obama and Killery, skated.

  7. @AA…

    Yep. I think the “Inflammatory Video” was the Piss Dossier prototype, and Nakoula was the original Steele. Also, it’s very suspicious that Sid Vicious Blumenthal’s son Max had such a detailed narrative on the genesis of the video just two days after the Benghazi attack.


    “…Produced and promoted by a strange collection of rightwing Christian evangelicals and exiled Egyptian Copts, the trailer was created with the intention of both destabilizing post-Mubarak Egypt and roiling the US presidential election. As a consultant for the film named Steve Klein said: “We went into this knowing this was probably going to happen.”


  8. @AA again…

    I also think that just like the Piss Dossier had to be repurposed to take out Trump after his shocking victory, the Inflammatory Video was meant for other dirty dealings to occur in Barky’s second term, but it had to be rushed into service after the shocking Benghazi attack. Remember how nobody had even seen the trailer, much less the movie, right after the attack? The Narrative masters had to do some frantic promotion and market saturation involving shills at the highest levels.

  9. @Deplorable B.:
    …or assassinate-able…

    I’m telling you, I’m thinking the only thing these heathens fear is going into the afterlife, and maybe it’s time to send some there (after extracting all available useful information, of course).

    Same thing with the State Department. Call everybody in for…”training” then blow all of the buildings up. Those in the Deep State/Swamp need to know that we are TIRED of their sh*t and aren’t taking any more of it.

  10. “The FBI emphasized he was finishing 33 years of service.”

    Boy, “service” sure don’t mean what it used to.

    A fuckin lying scum-sucking piece of shit.

    izlamo delenda est …

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