Michele Bachmann Considering Running For Minnesota Senate Seat To Replace Al Franken

Conservative Treehouse: Former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann appeared on Jim Baker’s broadcast last week and indicated she might possibly enter the 2018 special election Senate race open due to Al Franken’s resignation. MORE

13 Comments on Michele Bachmann Considering Running For Minnesota Senate Seat To Replace Al Franken

  1. Now THAT would be “flipping the seat”.

    I’m not gonna bash Bachmann. Whatever her imperfections, she’s 1000% better than whoever the Dems plan to run.

  2. Say, is there still time for Depressed Carpetbagger Hillary to grab herself a Minnesota P O Box address and run for Frankenfurter’s seat?

    She can be the first female late stage alcoholic to be Senator twice, representing different states.

  3. This would be so great. I have so much respect for this woman. She comes across as stiff and formal when she speaks, but the work she did while in congress showed that she was no slouch. She has intelligence and principles. While in congress, she was against TARP and the 2008 bailout. She worked for tax reform, privatizing Social Security, and making President Bush’s tax cuts permanent.

    The ONLY time I will regret not living in MN is not being able to vote for her!

  4. After all that happened with obama people here are still bashing this great conservative? Unbelievable.
    Who was warning about muslims 8 years ago???

  5. Michele Bachmann is a true conservative. She is against abortion, same sex marriage, any form of bail outs and thinks global warming is voodoo. She is for energy independence with more drilling and nuclear plants. She was for breaking up Fanny and Freddie and ending Capital Gains tax.
    Bachmann wanted an investigation of Barack Obama and his anti American associates.
    She also wanted Obamacare repealed. The Swamp rats hated her as she opposed everything they stood for. What more do we want?

  6. The addiction to being in politics must be an addiction stronger than narcotics. Sit it out, Me Bachmann.

  7. 👍 POSITIVE: 👍
    ⚫ She is a well-known Conservative.
    ⚫ She has credentials.
    ⚫ It would be excellent to flip that seat with a known commodity.
    ⚫ She’s a woman, which makes feminists pull their own purple hair out.

    👎 NEGATIVE: 👎
    ⚫ I wish Republicans would work on their bench (Not Prescott Bush either!. Bring people along,(Not Prescott Bush!) even pay for their college like they did for Obama. Think 20 years ahead and groom people for these seats. (But not Prescott Bush!)

    ⚫ Stop recycling the same old people over and over again. Can’t they move on from public office and do something good? Even Jimmy Carter, when he is not on t.v. saying profoundly stupid things, grabs a hammer to make “Free Habitats for Black People.”

  8. Long before we had Trump derangement syndrome, there was Bachmann derangement syndrome.

    She was right about Obamacare, the Muslim Brotherhood, and was the Tea Party’s first lady.

    She was a big Trump supporter.

    The only people I ever made campaign contributions to are Michele Bachmann and Donald Trump.

    She was my representative, and I would love to have her as my senator.


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