Michelle Malkin: The Grand Farce of American Social Distancing

CNS: This week in Colorado, our statewide stay-at-home order was extended until April 26. Gov. Jared Polis urged everyone to wear a mask of any kind while outdoors. Local groceries are limiting customers to one every 120 square feet of the store. For the first time, my neighborhood playground on Tuesday was wrapped in bright yellow “CAUTION” tape. And in Brighton, Colo., a father was handcuffed in an empty park by three police officers for playing T-ball with his 6-year-old daughter and wife.

We are not a serious country. America’s “social distancing” campaign has gone both too far and not far enough. The restrictions and guidelines are arbitrary, irrational, and unevenly applied.

While children’s swings and slides are now crime scenes, golf courses and pickleball courts in my city are wide open.

Weed and booze stores are considered “essential.” Ice cream, dessert joints, and fast-food outlets with takeout and delivery services are still operating. But family-owned, sit-down restaurants that have been staples in our community have been forced to shut their doors after decades in business.

Barbershops and hair salons here were ordered to close three weeks ago, but government employees on landscaping crews who cut grass — like the ones I’ve seen all crammed together in a city truck — are still earning paychecks subsidized by the taxpayers sidelined from their jobs in the name of safety and public health.

In my state, and across the country, private gyms have been forbidden spaces for the masses for weeks. But if you’re a celebrity or Beltway elitist, you can still stay in shape while sanctimoniously taping public service announcements telling everyone else to stay at home. read more

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  1. What an opportunity! And there are probably many more such control possibilities if they could just think.

  2. You have to understand the real (covert) purpose of this shutdown to understand it.

    Once you’ve done that, it all makes sense.

  3. Spot on Ms. Malkin, but then NO rules apply evenly to every citizen….. remember some animals are MORE equal than others.

  4. social distancing has been baked into computer models for three weeks. We relied on the projection of computer models. And as a result wasted billions of dollars when the computer models turned out to be someone’s bad guess. Are these the same people that make global warming computer models?

  5. The Flat Curve Society uses numbers that they’ve pulled out of their rear ends just like the global warming hoaxers.

    If you haven’t seen it yet, the Bank of England has just announced that they are going to monetize England’s debt. No play on words here. They are actually going to monetize the debt. In plain sight. The US stock mkt in premkt trading of course jumped. Big. Asset prices, read gold, are the best game in town.

    The whole world is going full retard.

    Prepare yourself.

  6. “Social Distancing?”
    More like “Anti-Social Distancing.”

    I know a guy who sits on a different couch from his girlfriend while eating TV dinners! All I can think is “fuggin morons!” but the guy isn’t stupid, he’s just totally sublimated in the Wuhan Flu Hysteria. Fuggin idjits are breathing the same air filtered through the same air handler, sitting on the same toilet seat, using the same roll of TP, washing dishes in the same sink, turning on and off the same handles on the same lavatory, and each handling the same plastic gewgaw to pluck out sani-wipes!

    People done gone nuts!

    It should be obvious to even the most dullard among us that this governmental overreach has absolutely nothing to do with Wuhan Flu and everything to do with disrupting the “Trump Recovery.” The economy was in the sewer that last year or so of Bush II’s reign, and ALL THROUGH the 8 years of Obola’s Debacle, and had just started to climb out of that sewer by President Trump’s exertions – when – guess what? The Wuhan Flu! What an excellent excuse! Everybody’s scared because of widespread ignorance, innumeracy, and panic-mongering by the media – China can be blamed (obliquely – don’t want to call it Wuhan Flu out loud) – and all the little Hitlers, Stalins, and Napoleons can creep out of the State Houses and Governors’ Mansions to impose their particular idiocies on an insanely terrified mass of morons who cower in their homes and pretend to be safe.

    Sooner or later we’ll awaken to the abject stupidity of this mass hysteria – and declare a loud and impertinent “Fuck You” to these despots (I hope).

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. I have to speak up now that I know what I know about influenza epidemics and pandemics. It seems to me that people who offer their opinions — especially well known pundits like Malkin — should spend some time, often very boring time, boning up on some fundamental information before throwing their caps over the wall and crying “freedom!” against the restrictions placed on us in this unusual situation.

    Imagine you’re living in 1918 Colorado. You wake up, get your husband off to work and your kids off to school and by supper time half your family, including your husband is dead from the ‘flu. In our so-called modern world where you can order groceries on-line for delivery, make a gun on a printer, obtain just about any wonder drug over-the-counter, and fly from Seattle to London in less than a day, it’s very hard to imagine that we don’t have a vaccine against something as common as “just the ‘flu.”

    In Philadelphia, when Public Health recommended people not congregate in large numbers, they held a war bond parade in which most of the city were in the parade or crowded on the sidewalks to watch it. Philadelphia was especially hard hit with ‘flu fatalities, experiencing a death toll that was 14 times that of St. Louis, which enforced their social distancing measures.

    Over the period starting in 1918 and stretching to 1920, it is estimated that between 20 and 60 million people died worldwide; 675,000 in the U.S. 675,000 people. The worst of it was that it attacked everyone, especially those in the prime of their healthy years. Certainly, having no vaccine
    to stop it was an issue, but we have no vaccine against Covid19, either. Worse still, today we have much more efficient methods of transporting ‘flu viruses from city to city, to small towns, to anywhere a plane or car can travel today, which means we have even less time to come up with the needed vaccines before this thing mutates.

    The Spanish ‘flu started out in the U.S. as a fairly common ‘flu bug with about the same number of deaths that had been experienced during non-epidemic ‘flu seasons. For this reason people assumed it was over and returned to their normal routines. It wasn’t until it had made it’s way around the world, mutated in its travels, and returned to the U.S. in its second wave, that it became the killer pandemic that wiped out an estimated one-fourth of the world’s population. The Spanish ‘flu that first struck the U.S. did not have the symptoms that washed back over Americans in the second wave, some of them quite horrifying, like external bleeding from the eyes, nose and mouth caused by internal rupturing and ruptured lungs, causing air to escape into muscle and skin tissue, which made patients sound “like a bowl of rice krispies” when they were moved by nurses and doctors. It was this mutated virus that killed perfectly healthy young adults by the hundreds every day, in only a matter of hours.

    Many people have wondered why we never heard the details of the 1918 ‘flu pandemic until recently or why it was never covered in schools or why films have never been made about such an historically significant event. One answer that makes sense is that it was so horrible, people just simply did not want to talk about it or remember it. It really is hard to imagine America, in the modern era, burying people in mass graves because no one could keep up with the number of dead to be buried. Today we are riveted by stories of too few ventilators. In 1918-20 there were too few coffins. We laugh at Monty Python clips, “Bring out yer dead!”. In 1918-20, Boy Scout troops volunteered for the task of going throughout neighborhoods calling for the dead every day.

    Rail against petty tyranny if you must. There is and will be the stupid governor, cop, or other officials who will take more authority over people or do it in a way that makes us angry, but I’ve come to the conclusion that they are just trying to keep people safe. We can’t have it both ways. The fact is we can be an awfully stupid (or unwise) bunch of people who demand our freedoms no matter how it may harm others. We demand our rights but forget about our responsibilities to each other.

    I really pity the foolhardy who laugh in the face of something that could very easily kill them and their loved ones. If Covid19 turns out to be “just the ‘flu”, I think we should count ourselves lucky to have been merely inconvenienced for a relatively short time rather than be faced with the kind of massive death toll that leaves us so traumatized we don’t want to talk about it. And until our science is able to address the countless mutations influenza is capable of, we should think of this episode as a fortunate opportunity to practice how to deal with the inevitable, because this will happen again. If anything, there are even more volatile and dangerous viruses of which researchers know almost nothing about, let alone how to protect the human immune system against.

    And a word about the economy: Even after killing off 675,000 of us in 1918-20, the Spanish ‘flu did not kill America’s economy. It would take another seven years before that was an issue.

  8. AA,
    The Spanish flu was, indeed, a huge medical problem. Dead twice the number of the total American casualties (killed, wounded, and ill) in WW I.

    The Wuhan Flu isn’t. We’re nearing the end of the flu season with about 16,000 deaths. Seems like a lot (especially if you’re one of the dead or a close relative) but that number represents just under half of the AVERAGE number of deaths EVERY YEAR from the flu. In 2017 the estimates were 22,000 to 55,000 flu deaths (that’s over 100% uncertainty – closer to 150%). Thus, the AVERAGE is 38,500 deaths! And that’s over the ENTIRE year (flu season and all).

    Prudence? Sure.
    Panic? No.
    Shut down the entire economy? Oh, Hell No!

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. AA

    I beg to difer>
    They are not doing what they do with “good will”. they are dishonest, authoritarians who merely want to rule us. Because they are “our betters”! They tell lies to excuse their unconstitutional power grabs!~
    They are disingenuous, ego maniacs! they clearly do not believe their lies – Chek out the actions of the mayors of: NY,Baltimore, Chicago, Friso, …. They are ding the opposite of what they tell us is “safe”! They know they lie!

    Again they are not benevolent dictators! They are just plane “wannabe dictators!

  10. Tim — We don’t disagree. But this is where people do not understand how a dominant influenza virus behaves. It’s very often not the first wave that kills so many, but its mutation(s). The Spanish ‘flu that we know was actually the second wave. The first wave behaved like an ordinary ‘flu, causing people to conclude that it had run its course. The second wave was not a new strain of ‘flu, it was the first one, coming around again as a extraordinary sub-type superbug.

    an ol Exjarhead — If you go back and read accounts of how gov’t officials throughout the country responded to, and directed the populace, I think you’ll be rather surprised to learn that our current gov’t (Federal, State, Local) is behaving with more prudence and with more consistency and with much more common sense than was experienced in 1918. It’s even a little amusing to read these accounts. Today, for example, we are outraged that certain businesses are considered “essential” over others and that places like pot shops are exempt from closure. Read up on what officials thought were essential workers and businesses in 1918. Not much has changed in that regard. Generally speaking, the same concerns about civil rights were expressed. That’s always a good thing in a free country. What I’m writing against are those who ignorantly want no restrictions on themselves in the name of Constitutional Rights even if it means being a danger to others. And to encourage others to do whatever they please, because they refuse to recognize how little they actually know, makes me a little angry. Suddenly, with no knowledge of influenza at all, people have decided it’s all just a hoax.

    (As I’m writing this, Geoff C. showed me your next comment with the link, so I’ll try to respond to that, too).

    Yes, I know the CDC has been shooting out some bad info. One of the problems, I think, is they have underestimated the ability of their audience to dig into the details. If they were more forthcoming about their models and what, exactly, researchers are trying to deal with, I think it would go a long way to dispel the suspicions we already have about the benevolence and veracity of ANYONE in govt.
    Beyond that, and this is important, I am not talking about or even attempting to defend the political motivations of anyone, but I am trying to say, “Hey! Influenza pandemics are real, they have killed and can kill millions of people, and we have an individual, personally sovereign duty to protect ourselves and our fellow citizens if we are at all able to do that.” Just because we, personally, have never lived through a ‘flu war doesn’t mean we won’t, and it certainly doesn’t mean we should ignore our government’s reasonable orders in order to keep us as safe as possible.

    (Please don’t turn this into a personal assault on me with your caps and parentheses. I just think we should take a closer look at these things without getting hot-headed about it.)

  11. We’re being played, big time. Look at the indignities forced upon us when we go to the air port to fly somewhere. The TSA, who’s motto should be “I caught a terrorist said no TSA agent EVER”, is a prime example of governmental over-reach in the name of protecting citizens.
    President Trump needs to send Drs Fauci and Birx packing.

  12. Ooops! One other response to Tim: If you think about it, would we rather have the economy shut down because so many who make up “the economy” are dead and can never get back to work, or would you rather have it shut down in as controlled a manner as possible with the intention that those affected will soon be able to put their shoulder to the wheel again? I think that’s a pretty easy answer.

  13. AbigailAdams – please know that this is not a “take down” or a “shut your pie-hole” rebuttal, this is a heart-felt “let us continue to discuss this issue with all seriousness”.
    On three separate occasions I nearly lost my son in his twenties to the common cold. His spleen kicked out anti-bodies that attacked him as well as the virus. He has recently had his spleen removed and will always be immunocompromised, just now his own body won’t be trying to kill him.
    Last year I nearly lost my wife and brother-in-law to the seasonal flu, they are Type 1 diabetics and are high risk. This was my wife’s second near-miss with the flu.
    My family has been practicing the recommended guidelines for years.
    When I first started reading the information coming out of China in January about the Wuhan Flu I said then that this is either a case of Darwin proving his theory or Mother Nature proving what a bitch she really is. This WuFlu will slam you up against the wall, pile-drive you into the floor, then jump off the top-rope with a folding chair into your chest. It’s bad.
    But is still in the classification of being the FLU.
    The current recommendations for not getting or spreading: Enlarge your personal space; Don’t get into someone else’s face; Don’t cough, sneeze, or spittle on others; Wash your hands with hot water & soap; and Don’t touch your face.
    Just like every other year and every other FLU.
    Basic hygiene. Basic common sense.
    The IOTWReport Crew has done a phenomenal job of posting so many of the stories that are going unreported in the news that I can’t imagine you haven’t seen them. Dr. Birx flat out acknowledged the WuFlu deaths are GREATLY EXAGGERATED! Deaths in all other categories for March are down 15% from previous 4 yr average, because a person dying from a heart-attack is not listed as that but is now listed as dying from the WuFlu.
    The Powers That Be are lying to us intentionally for multiple purposes.
    Your description for the Spanish Flu matches the symptoms of Ebola, an haemorrhagic fever. But it is classified as an H1N1 type flu.
    Most vaccines and medicines didn’t get realized until after WW2. 1918 was still practicing 18th century medicine. We can thankfully say “We’ve come a long way baby”.
    We aren’t even bound by the 20th century medicinal restrictions, even though the current “PROMISING” medication has been in use for over 70 years, there are multiple other medications in progress.

    I take issue with your “foolhardy” accusation. What you don’t realize is that this “short-time inconvenience” you are advocating for is ruining millions of people’s lives, and I’m not even talking about some vacuous statement like “the economy”. I’m talking specifically people losing their homes, their cars, personal possessions, which then will lead to much more far worse things. The current “experts” are advocating that we keep everything shut down until the end of the year.
    By saying “we have to take this FLU seriously” what you are really saying is “we didn’t have to take any other flu (or disease) seriously because it didn’t really impact that many people, BUT THIS ONE OH MY GOSH WILL KILL SO MUCH MORE!”
    No! It won’t. It will pick you up and throw you against the wall, slam you to the floor, and jump on your chest like a 2 ton elephant. Just like the common cold did to my son. Three separate times.
    I took that seriously and I take every flu seriously. And I take the WuFlu seriously. Because they all kill people. Lots of people. Which you and I can absolutely agree is a problem.
    What is the absolute issue at hand and why so many people are saying this should be treated like any other flu problem is because right now the liberals/communists are using this opportunity to restrict and remove our liberty.
    You so willingly give up Liberty for the sake of Security.
    Major “red flags” (pun intended), bells, and whistles should be going off for EVERYBODY!
    This is a very bad FLU! Maximize your distance out to 6 feet. Yeah, I’m all for it. I have a large personal space anyway and hate people all up in my grill for a normal casual conversation.
    Shut down churches and restrict freedom of assembly and freedom of association???
    Back the truck up to last Friday!!!
    I have no doubt that you’ve heard the adage “Anyone willing to give up Liberty for Security deserve neither”.
    You, AbigailAdams, and others who try to emote us into sacrificing for just a few rather unimportant short-term inconveniences, deserve neither.

  14. I guess we’ll deal with the second wave when/if it happens but right now what we’re dealing with is just a new strain of the flu. It’s looking to kill about 60,000, a fairly normal flu season. Of course add in the “regular” flu for this season, about 30,000 and now it’s ~50% then a normal flu season.

    But wait, pneumonia deaths are magically lower then they’ve been in a long time. Same with CHD. Hmmmm. Maybe a good size chunk of the Chinese Flu’s 60K are really folks on the way out anyway. There has already been confirmation of health officials fudging the numbers.

    The #1 reason for this hysteria about the Chinese flu is TDS. REgressives and the media see this as a way to ratchet up some Cloward/Piven with the added and hopeful side effect of derailing President Trump. Period.

    Different locales can deal with their own levels of infection. Treating w Texas the same as NYC is ridiculous.

  15. AA,
    The answer is easy as the question as posed.

    The assumption being that the Wuhan Flu has the ability to inflict the damages which are ascribed it. No evidence to support that. NO EVIDENCE. NONE.

    Population of the US in 1918 was 44 Million. So 675,000 deaths was ~1.5% of the population. Today’s population is about 330 Million so, roughly, 5 million would have to die to a be similar occurrence. We are also at least a century ahead in terms of medical discovery, and treatment, and mitigation of the effects of viruses.

    We need to deal in hard reality, not fear-mongered panic. And that hard reality is that there’s no there, there.

    You may, of course, be absolutely correct and the Wuhan Flu turn out to be the Scourge of God laying waste to humanity and crippling us for a generation – but even that doesn’t compare with crippling OURSELVES out of fear and pusillanimity. My gut (bloated and ignorant as it is) indicates to me too many people (who should know better) grasping and grabbing and pandering to fear than being useful. Alleged doctors are making political pronouncements instead of suggesting sound medical advice. Crap-weasels like Zeke Emanuel and Barry Obola are crawling out from under their rocks to help destroy whatever economy is left and to impose their dictatorial phony philosophy on us.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. when oblowme was potus we had the swine flu, thousands died without all the hyperventilating about the flu.

    while Trump is potus we have the kung flu and the earth is going to die and the msm is hyperventilating.

    what am i missing here?

  17. Menotu — You had me until the last line: “You, AbigailAdams, and others who try to emote us into sacrificing for just a few rather unimportant short-term inconveniences, deserve neither.” You obviously don’t know me on this blog to write such a silly thing.

    Menotu — Please understand that I was and am responding — in my completely inarticulate way — to the rising cacophany of voices who advocate for throwing off the shackles of any kind of restriction to their civil rights. I get that entirely. I was solidly in that camp at the start of this situation. Your personal experiences notwithstanding — and I’ve had respiratory flu that made me wish I was dead — it seems you’ve overlooked one of my main points: that it’s not often the first, primary virus that kills, but the second (or third), mutated version. After much reading, I think I understand something that I had not; that those closely involved in influenza and infectious disease research do understand: the stupefying, catastrophic results of an uncontrolled influenza “superbug”. We like to think such a thing only exists in science fiction.

    There are those who are too quick to weave theories, conspiratorial and otherwise, when they have too little information. I’m not trying to advocate for anything, really, except that we take a deep breath, slow down, think things through and try to see this from as many angles as we can. All we have to rely on are historical facts and what science can tell us about those and about what they know of influenza. (And, btw, it was the mutated 1918 virus that caused what you think is dengue. Contemporary scientists have harvested that virus and know its composition.)

    How does the CDC or the president come to the podium and tell the nation and the world they think we might be in for it; that this has all the earmarks of the Full Monty, without causing that terrible condition called “All Hell Breaking Loose!” Just how in the hell do they do that!? Just because you and I have had the flu and lived to tell about it, doesn’t make us experts and sure as hell doesn’t mean A LOT of other, healthy people can’t die from it. We know they can because they have — in the millions.

    You tell me. How can the CDC and the president and vice president warn us about impending epidemics of a potentially catastrophic nature while trying to not throw everyone into a panic and keep the main part of the economy intact?

    No, you’ve chosen to twist my meaning into something else.

  18. AA,
    I have tried to address my comments to issues rather than personalities.
    I enjoy a good jab as much as anyone, but I find your comments un-jabbable and so, try to maintain some semblance of seriousness.
    We all make assumptions when forming opinions – and those assumptions either prove correct, or they don’t. Unfortunately we can’t see into the future – so all our opinions concerning the future are tenuous.
    Keep the debate alive – it’s worth it – if for no other reason than to examine the flow or our reasoning AFTER the facts are known.

    Sorry to appear to be inflexibly contrary.

    izlamo delenda est …

  19. Tim — I was thumbing up your next to last comment as you were typing! Excellent response you gave, I thought.

    Yes, let’s keep these conversations going — maybe not constantly 😉

    Despite the tone and content of my remarks, I’m not panicked by what is happening at all. And despite the alarming inconsistencies coming from the CDC — and the sidebar theories of Fauci’s involvement with Gates, blah, blah, blah (hey! a stoic personality only concerns herself with things they can control) — I do see how truly impossible it is to predict the exact nature or behavior of something until it is studied in real time.

    The CDC, NIH, the president and the vice president are all on the horns of a terrible dilemma. If they give no predictions they are hosed. If they give their “best predictions” and nothing squares, they are screwed. Is a guess as good as it gets? Seems like it. But that gives rise to all kinds of concomitant accusations that are all too easy to make. It’s a fact that our brains are wired to fill in the blanks and end the sentences in the absence of information.

    Here’s some important info from April 5th that will illustrate some of my points. People will weave all kinds of strange and nefarious political motivations for the darndest things, including hospital ventilators.

    But why take the time to understand the problem when it’s so much funner to blame government? 🙂


  20. Tim, on that last comment I need to clarify: The link is a very interesting commentary on how Covid19 works. I didn’t mean to imply that the writer was spinning a yarn, but that some people have made ventilators a political football and, if what this guy is writing is true, those hyperventilating ventilator people will have a little egg on their faces.

  21. LOL! I think I’ll just take this opportunity to remind those 5 thumbs under “AbigailAdams, you’ve lost all credibility.” about the ’15/’16/’17 GOP campaigns, primaries and the GE, and my early and unwavering support of the “idiot” everyone here now loves.

    Everyone’s a critic.

    So, go out and celebrate! Get your hair cuts, go to the spa, touch all the point-of-sale buttons (with your bare hands) you want! Live a little! LOL!

  22. @Billy Fuster April 9, 2020 at 11:32 am

    > I’m going to get a bunch of 6-foot sticks and sell them in front of Walmart.

    Those better be jerky sticks.

  23. @AbigailAdams April 9, 2020 at 12:02 pm

    > If you think about it, would we rather have the economy shut down because so many who make up “the economy” are dead and can never get back to work, or would you rather have it shut down in as controlled a manner as possible with the intention that those affected will soon be able to put their shoulder to the wheel again? I think that’s a pretty easy answer.

    Refusing to think, is what makes it an easy answer.

  24. AA – thank you for a good sound response.
    Correct me if I’m wrong – By your reasoning, we should be doing minimal lock downs now and be prepared for the next round(s) in which we should be willing to shut everything down.
    Yes, take this slow – it still sounds like you’re advocating suspending civil rights for safety and security.
    You keep throwing out the “millions are going to die” fear-mongering.
    In regards to how can the CDC not cause a panic, too late. They already have, the fear-mongering was so strong that it got everyone panic buying everything. Even liberals started buying guns and stockpiling ammo. There is sufficient evidence to show that personnel within the CDC are anti-American and anti-Trump, even at the top so anything they say about numbers infected and dead is automatically suspect and should not be taken at face value. That is one of the main differences now and between the 1918 Spanish Flu, people at least had some semblance of respect for their government officials. Today the left hates the right and the right hates the left so much that we are ready to start Civil War 2.0 over what could end up being a minor misunderstanding. Thugs are sucker punching the police in broad daylight and getting cheers from the bystanders.
    This is not the Spanish Flu and this isn’t 1918.
    You say we should look to history to see how viruses go and we are saying “yes, look at history, and see how communists can & will take advantage of this situation”.
    How does the President & Vice-President warn without panic?
    I think they have been doing a pretty good job.
    Maintain your distance, don’t spit on each other, wash your hands, and don’t touch your face.
    People saying this is just the flu, we shouldn’t be overreacting know full well that people will die. Yes, we know that this kills people. First, second, or third wave.
    We get it!
    What we don’t want to get is people trying to take advantage of a crisis and not let it go to waste.
    What we don’t want to get is the short end of the stick from constable-wanna-bes who will lock up a father simply because he was playing wiffleball with his daughter. What we don’t want to get is $200 tickets for jumping in our car and going for a joyride. Or a $750 ticket for sitting in our car and enjoying the sunset.
    What we don’t want to get is police officials blasting the blowhorn from “The Purge” to tell everyone that they are on lockdown until 6 am.
    What we don’t want is people telling us that if we don’t stay home we are going to kill thousands or millions of people, while the same people go on about their lives as if nothing is wrong.
    What we don’t want is people telling us that we have to give up an acceptable minimum level of liberty so that we can save lives.
    History is replete with people who’ve been down that road before – we do not like the idea of going back.

  25. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed it yet, gut people are SOCIAL DISTANCING WHILE THEY ARE IN THEIR CARS NOW. WTF PEOPLE? You are in a steal cage. Pull up to the next guys bumper.

  26. Excellent comments Menotu and Tim. Agreed.

    NO evidence exists COVID-19 is as deadly as the annual flu. Even with vaccines the flu will take more lives. We didn’t wreck the economy for Ebola, Swine flu or Bird flu. COVID-19 was a political tool from the beginning, used to attempt destroying The United States by a devious, vengeful, Godless communist regime and Deep State enablers.

    The left have mandated socialist edicts to determine how far the American people will go to surrender their freedom and liberties over a conditioned fear based on misinformation. Sadly, far too many have complied and want restrictions to become the “new normal”. Hopefully, people will eventually understand they’re being manipulated.

    The opportunistic, heavy-handed, hypocritical, statist approach to the issue is what I think Michelle Malkin is addressing. There just isn’t any logical reason to shut down our country because of a weak strain of the flu or cold. Enough already!


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