Michelle Obama Explains That Awkward Inaugural Gift Exchange


Daily Caller: Michelle Obama taped an interview with “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Wednesday and discussed several topics, including that awkward time Melania Trump gave her a gift and she didn’t know how to act.

The footage went viral last year after Melania stepped out of the car holding a Tiffany box and gave it to Michelle upon greeting her. Many people saw Michelle’s reaction as rude and disrespectful.  read more

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  1. She’s wearing a house dress, and what’s her hair doing?

    All this for an inauguration?

    They should have left Michelle in the car with the dog.

  2. Total Hypocrite since she did the same thing with Laura Bush (and I am sure the gift wasn’t from Tiffany’s).

    The Left is trying to make Michelle Obama a fashion icon, beauty queen and future candidate for some office. Her claim to fame is being the first black First Lady, that’s it. We, unfortunately, are going to have to endure this for the reset of her existence on this planet. She will milk this all the way until end.

    The game to play will be what happens to her celebrity status if Barry goes to jail over the Fusion GPS scandal etc….Where could Michelle end up next instead of Ellen or the late night shows?

    Host on BET? Guest Judge on America’s Got Talent? Dancing with the Stars?

  3. Wait, Wait. LOL. You’re not talking about the worlds best protocol followers here. Michelle Obama gave the Queen of England a Freaken GAS GRILL their first visit to the UK. That’s no joke. Look it up. It was inscribed, “There’s no such thing as a spare rib”. Signed, Mike Obama.

  4. Zanga makes a great point in that Michelle is dressed like frumpy housewife going to a PTA meeting rather than a Presidential Inauguration.

  5. 8 years of boorish behavior, dick taping and nightmarish costumes and yet how Mooch receives a gift is the topic of discussion.

    I was taken by the sportsmanship showed by the real President when he played along and greeted the Mooch as if he were a woman.

  6. Maybe she should have given her a funhouse mirror so when she gazed at herself the distortions would make her look almost human.

  7. Michelle bought into the propaganda her husband and her party had been spouting for years. She truly believed that the Trumps were mean, selfish people who were incapable of kindness. Receiving a gift from them — hand-delivered by Melania, with no staging and no script, in a relatively private setting — ran counter to that narrative.

    What we all saw in Michelle’s response was the mental “Blue Screen of Death” a person experiences when they’ve seen the truth first-hand for the first time and have no idea how to process it.

  8. None of this is at all fair to the Moose.

    When she received the box from Mrs. Trump, she very clearly said: “!Ngomo umgowa Simbaa!” while beating her (?) chest and baring her (?) teeth.
    And everyone knows that means “Thanks fo da free shit, muthuhfuckah!”
    (had she thrown a handful of poo while shrieking the words, the meaning would be entirely different)

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. My favorite line in the DC story:
    “Poor Michelle. Imagine receiving a gift you weren’t prepared to get and not having anybody to immediately take it off your hands. The horror.”

    No class. No grace. No thankfulness.

    And Ellen dissing Trump while out of the other side of her mouth claiming she never gets political.

    These people are completely clueless that we aren’t dumb rubes and do notice their hypocrisy and elitism.

  10. Notice that whatever the gift was, wasn’t mentioned. I am sure it was thoughtful, expensive and classy. Like casting pearls before swine.

  11. @Beachmom: “Poor Michelle. Imagine receiving a gift you weren’t prepared to get and not having anybody to immediately take it off your hands. The horror.”

    My take-away from this silly story is that on inauguration day, the White House staff had finally had all they could take of the Obamas. I am sure the attitude was “Hey Mooshelle: carry your own friggin’ gift, we don’t work for you anymore!”

  12. I know I’m definitely swimming upstream here, but I read the linked article and what she said made sense. There are protocol instructions for everything that happens, and no one prepared her for this one. It caught her off-guard. Having said that, though, I still detest her.

  13. You just can’t give Mooch, a very angry black woman, a gift she doesn’t want without being rudely dismissed. She’s so uncouth, hateful and ignorant, she can’t even pretend to be gracious.

  14. Kind of understand how the gift could be intimidating. Sasquatch don’t trust anything wrapped up without a road kill scent.


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