Michelle Obama fans suffer sticker shock over price of book tour tickets

BPR: For a woman who purports to be a people’s champ, former first lady Michelle Obama is demanding a hefty price for the chance to ‘meet-and-greet.’

The latest example of Obama’s narcissistic ways appeared after she announced a  “#IAmBecoming” tour starting Nov. 13 for her upcoming, equally narcissistic memoir, “Becoming.”

While tickets for her tour stops start at $29.95, they quickly rise up to as high as $3,000, if not more, for floor seats and one-on-one meetings. For Obama’s fans on social media, this came as quite a shocker.


29 Comments on Michelle Obama fans suffer sticker shock over price of book tour tickets

  1. Geez oh crowzo! I’d pay NOT to see her. And at this point, hasn’t she stolen, I mean made, enough money?

    I would consider paying to see her in a cage match with Venus The Animal Williams thou.

  2. “she announced an “#IAmBecoming” tour starting Nov. 13 for her upcoming, equally narcissistic memoir, “Becoming.”

    What is she Becoming again?

  3. One woman on twitter asked Big Mike to pm her on Facebook and tell her if she and her daughter could both get in free because they can’t afford two tickets.

    She wants a private message from an 0bama giving her $4000 worth of “free”! She’ll be waiting for a looooooooong time. 😂😂😂

  4. I might pay that much to see her ass in jail, along with Clintons, obamination, Kerry, Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, “ Spudacus”, boondoggle Brown, oh the list goes on and on.

    Thugs are in charge of the swamp and they are proudly out of the commie closet.

    The worst thing President Trump did was appoint a swamp critter to be Attorney General. Things WILL NOT change until a non-swamp dweller is chosen as Attorney General. That position is the key to true justice. Time to start the sump pump, President Trump. We are losing heart.

  5. A foole & his money,
    be soone at debate:
    which after with sorrow,
    repents him to late.
    – Thomas Tusser, 1573

    Slow learners !
    Nah, on second thought – maybe – never learners is more accurate.

  6. So much for sharing a piece of the pie as a rich person.
    Barry said that at some point you’ve made enough money. I guess they haven’t reached that point yet.
    Boy, in that video without the professional air brushing and photoshop I almost didn’t realize that was Shelly O.

  7. If you think Moochelle’s book tour tix are pricey, wait until the Obama Worship Center opens. Yes liberals, you’re gonna pay dearly to worship the Obama. B. Hussein may proclaim that at some point you’ve made enough money but he’ll never say he’s taken enough of yours. FBO


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