Michelle Wolf Deleted Tweets Calling Eric Trump An ‘Abortion,’ Glorifying Antonin Scalia’s Death – IOTW Report

Michelle Wolf Deleted Tweets Calling Eric Trump An ‘Abortion,’ Glorifying Antonin Scalia’s Death

DC: The journalism and political worlds reacted in mutual disgust to comedian Michele Wolf’s act at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.

Wolf hurled insults and bullied members of the Trump White House, going so far as calling Sarah Sanders a “liar,” clumsily attacked Kellyanne Conway and made light of aborting a fetus, saying you should not “knock it ’til you try it.”

However, the comments would not be shocking based on Wolf’s Twitter activity over the last few years. According to a report by the Daily Mail, Wolf has deleted tens of thousands of tweets in the months leading up to her speech in front of some of America’s most influential media elites.

“Michelle Wolf’s Twitter showed the comedian had over 20,000 tweets in June 2017, but now only has 376,” according to the Daily Mail report, “The controversial comedian deleted thousands of tweets in which she poked fun at the Trump administration and made vulgar comments about celebrities.”  read more

21 Comments on Michelle Wolf Deleted Tweets Calling Eric Trump An ‘Abortion,’ Glorifying Antonin Scalia’s Death

  1. That was almost painful to watch. A little too skanky for my taste.

  2. Haven’t had the ‘pleasure’ of seeing any of her schtick apart from what the outraged talk radio folks had on here in the DC metro area…that said, I am 10000000% certain that she had to have sucked a lot of dicks to get the netflix show that no one is going watch let alone headlining that gig. I base that on her horrendous voice, lack of talent in terms of joke writing and delivery, and that she looks like she has a bad case of the zackree’s disease-as my chinese doctor would say, her face rook zackree rike her ass.

  3. If the internet has copies of what she deleted then they ought to be put back up under #wolfstruth

  4. She had the exact resume they wanted to showcase. She did not however have the skillful art of delivery down and it sounded like very little laughter even amongst her own.

  5. Skanky you say? I hate to go there, but several sites state she’s 32. Either she’s lying, or she’s led a very hard life.

  6. I’m almost certain that that’s Ben Shapiro in a wig. Same height, same weight, and same voice.

  7. these people are the vilest, lowest products of the human race …. Sarah Sanders was invited as a Guest of Honor by that bint that is president of the White House Correspondent’s group … & you just know she ok’ed that talentless ‘comedy’ hack’s material just to embarrass Sanders

    … vile, despicable, mean, low … all traits that the Progressives proudly wear

    it’s war, people … don’t play their game anymore … buck up!

  8. I watched a few seconds of her….wow, she literally
    (& figuratively) talks out of the side of her mouth.

  9. @Sapper Chris: Is that the same ailment as the legendary “Ed Zachary” Disease?


  10. next up…. watching her “career” slide away, pull a Griffin, and blame Trump

  11. I think Trump’s absence made it clear to them that they have reached disgusting levels. Give them all the rope they want, but they’re on their own. He doesn’t have to participate in it.

    They saw the circle jerk for what it was.

    I doubt it will make a bit of difference. Maybe they’ll try get more clever at keeping on with it all, but they’ll keep at it. They want world domination, after all. This ain’t nothin’ in the larger scheme of things and denying reality and history is their forte.

  12. The tweets don’t bother me at all. Lay it out there. Now she’s a PC leftist coward.

  13. The press willingly laid down with that dog last night.

    And everyone in the MSM got up with fleas.

  14. Michelle Wolf being criticized ?

    When B…. Obama could not be ?!

    She should check and renew her race card.

    Think of it .

    Obama did the same thing however subtly
    for eight years
    Yet was never criticized
    by the people who hated him

    Why ?

  15. Stick a dildo in her. She’s done.

    Sorry for the visual. 😇

  16. Does the SPLC have her on their ‘hate list’?

  17. Deleted Trump mean tweets? She wouldn’t change a word, but she’ll eliminate them. Running scared, Mz. Wolf?

  18. this crap is in the same league as the kneelers. That didnt work well for the nfl either.

  19. My wife says “32? Pfft. That skank will never see 45 again. “

    Soon she’ll be Kathy Griffin 2.0. In a year she’ll be whining “He broke me!”

    Hollywood for the second year in a row had no reason to fly in for WHCD, and without Hollywood….meh. No after parties. No glam.
    PDT’s absence sucks all the oxygen out of the room. Brilliant. And after the insults, the WH Staff won’t be back next year. For at least the next 6 years.
    The WHCD’s may continue, but no one outside the press corps will notice.

    Stupid of WHCA to insult Sanders so directly. And so irretrievably. They can’t walk that back. And as Press Secretary she can make their lives unhappy in ways they apparently haven’t prepared for.

  20. @Rufus, she will make them squirm like hookers at a revival meeting. Plus she can get advice on how to do that from her dad although i dont think she needs to.

  21. As a long time subscriber to Netflix, I am considering dropping, at least their streaming. They have and hope they still do have an extensive number of quality movies on DVD. If they don’tanymore Adios Neflix.


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