Michigan Crowd Greets Biden Chanting, “Four More Years!” – IOTW Report

Michigan Crowd Greets Biden Chanting, “Four More Years!”

Gateway Pundit

The internal polls must be bad for Biden because he left his Delaware basement and headed to Michigan on Wednesday.

Biden, who openly supported NAFTA, will be speaking at an event in the Detroit suburb of Warren and will reportedly propose a new policy aimed at tackling “offshoring.”

As Biden arrived in Michigan, he was greeted by a crowd of….Trump supporters!

Trump supporters waved American flags and Trump 2020 flags chanting, “Four more years! Four more years!” More

It’s OK, I’m sure antifa was there in spirit. – Dr. Tar

14 Comments on Michigan Crowd Greets Biden Chanting, “Four More Years!”

  1. I can picture Joe. Waving, pumping that fist and grinning ear to ear.
    It’s like when they bring out the birthday cake at the nursing home and all the residents think it’s their birthday.

  2. So the far left machine can get out the “protestors” but the Biden campaign can’t even get out enough people to drown out the Trump supporters? There is something seriously wrong with Biden’s campaign and it ain’t just old Joe. 😏

  3. Whitmer isn’t gonna like this. She’ll get payback by cancelling deer season. That’s when the revolution starts.


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