Michigan woman sues doctor after unplanned pregnancy

FOX: A Michigan woman who was told she was unable to conceive is suing her doctor for wrongful conception.

Lori Cichewicz’s doctor told her that if she was to get pregnant, she’d have a child with Down syndrome, Fox 2 Detroit reported.

In 2008, the now-50-year-old went to undergo permanent a birth control procedure, but her doctor told her that her fallopian tubes were blocked and that she didn’t need contraceptives, as she had no chance of getting pregnant.

In April 2011, she gave birth her daughter, Reagan, who has Down syndrome. She told WXYZ there was never a question of whether she would give birth to her special needs child.  more



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  1. So, she is 50 and likely has been through menopause. Her doctor was correct in his presumption, but doctors are never 100% and tell you that. Now, note that the number one reason for blocked tubes is an STD.

  2. ….According to Langton, the courts have already decided damages are limited to the stress of the conception…….

    Poor hubby, that sounds emasculating

  3. My advice to this woman with the Down Syndrome child:
    Embrace her and love her and enjoy the gift of her life.

  4. Lady, if you’ve never done anything really meaningful in your life, here’s your chance. Make the most of it, we’re hoping you succeed.

  5. I agree with Mr Mxyptlk’s assessment. As a friend of someone who has a special needs child, you develope a very deep attachment to these kids.

  6. Well, if you play hide the weenie expect things to happen. There were 13 children in my mother’s family. When they figured out what was causing it, it was too late.

  7. One of my grand-nephews has Downs Syndrome. He is a delightful, energetic young man of 11, and the words “special needs” should really mean “special.” I think God assigns more than one angel to such people and bestows extra blessing to their families.

  8. The mother of a friend of mine had her tubes tied and then 9 months later, twins. lol.

    Even if you are in peri-menopause, you can still get pregnant.
    Bad advice on the doctor’s part? Maybe. But he did warn her about genetic defects.
    So in her case, she should have had the doctor go back in and burn those tubes down to stubs, just to be sure. lol.

    Anyway, good luck sweet little girl. 🙂

  9. Mr. M, I accidentally down voted you.
    Loved your comment, as well as Burner’s and Guy’s!

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