Michigan’s Startling Population Decline

NPR Michigan radio

More people died in Michigan in 2020 than were born.

That’s according to demographer Curt Metzger, who analyzed the most recent full year of data from the state.

“We saw 76 out of the 83 counties had more deaths than births,” Metzger said today on Stateside. “And we’ve got counties where deaths are doubling births.”

Metzger’s analysis showed 12,938 fewer births than deaths statewide in 2020, according to the Detroit Free Press, which first reported the findings. More

17 Comments on Michigan’s Startling Population Decline

  1. Can we send all those Canadians who get stripped of their citizenship there?

    If they’ll all fit.

  2. Looks like the Whitmer’s Aktion T-4 Plan is working!
    Heil Whitmer!

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. That’s Trump’s census, a fucking joke, like everything else needs a recount. Twice the fake with all the lies, America’s last census.

  4. Michigander here. Grew up in Flint and the surrounding area…and survived. I choose to blame Granholm and Whitmer for this…because I can.

  5. Hey, Anon: There is a long tradition of emigration between TN and MI. During the Depression families from TN moved from their hometowns to towns around Detroit. Those places are still linked by kinship.

  6. Dearbornistan is growing.
    Perhaps the state could get some guidence from th………..Oh! wait!

    Never Mind.


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